1 May 2017

1-144 NATO NBC Suit Set 1 by Panzer VS Tanks

1/144 Scale High Detailed 19 different multipose figures for NATO Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical Decontamination Team.

All these poses has been modelled after pictures from German Bundeswehr NBC Specialized Teams on trials.

All them are wearing Gas Masks, NBC suits and Rubber Boots.

Some of them are working on decontaminate vehicles with special pressure hoses of cleaning product. I've decided not to add these hoses to give more versatility to the figures.

I've also added some baskets, trays, a bench and some more spare equipment that can be watched in some pictures. Total 19 figures + 11 spare elements = 31 parts model (smaller parts joined with a sprue).

Figures about 12 mm. - 0.49 inches tall when stands up.

1-144 NATO NBC Suit Set 1

1-144 NATO NBC Suit Set 1 picture 1

1-144 NATO NBC Suit Set 1 picture 2

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