1 May 2017

1-144 Marsden Matting Section by Panzer VS Tanks

High detail 1/144 scale Perforated Steel Plating, PSP, aka Marsden Matting and M8 Landing Mat, designed and used in World War II for the Allied Forces to fast create landing airstrips for fighters and light transport planes.

Millions of these were manufactured in the war years, and they were used for many purposes.

This model represents 3 platings width x 16 platings long, with an effective width of 2,5 plates due to usual alternate joint assembly .

This is in 1/144 scale 75 mm. width x 47 mm. length and 53 mm. effective width.

Also includes FIVE SPARE PSP platings.

This design will help you to create a nice base for vehicles or planes, building material for vietnam diorama, ...

1-144 Marsden Matting Section

1-144 Marsden Matting Section picture 1

1-144 Marsden Matting Section picture 2

Shapeways, Panzer VS Tanks

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