1 May 2017

1-144 Luxury European Rails Crew by Panzer VS Tanks

Set of 30 high detailed 1/144 scale figures for Luxury European Railroad from 1920 till present day.

This set is depicting:

3x Chef de Train (Railroad Headman), 3x Controleur (Admission Inspector), 2x Chef de Brigade (Personnel Officer), 4x Serveur (Attendant), 3x Vendeur (Sales Inspector), 3x nettoyeurs (Cleaning Worker), 3x Bagagiste (Bellhop), 1x Chef de Cuisine (Head Cook), 2x Marmiton (Cook Assistant), 5x Serveur de Restaurant (Dinning Car Waiter) and 1x Maitre de Restaurant (Dinning Car Headman).

Every figure is modelled separately and all these thirty figures are different. Only Frosted Ultra Detail material available. I didn't added sprues (I don't know where to place them without risk of breaking the figure when will be removed!).

Figures about 12 mm. - 0,48 inches tall.

1-144 Luxury European Rails Crew

1-144 Luxury European Rails Crew

Shapeways, Panzer VS Tanks

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