13 Apr 2017

Help Us Meet the Demand for Field Trip Funding

Help Us Meet the Demand for Field Trip Funding

The land we save will be available for future generations to appreciate, use, and cherish. But our work doesn’t stop there. We understand that in order for the next generation to care about our country, young people need to visit the lands where American history happened.

This is precisely why we created the Field Trip Fund at the Civil War Trust. This fund helps send kids on class field trips to battlefields, and it was created for students who would not otherwise make a trip to experience our history first-hand. These class trips are instructive and powerful experiences for kids. And we receive wonderful feedback from teachers and students year after year. Just $20 will cover the cost to send one student to a battlefield or a historic site.

Over the years, this fund has helped send more than 11,000 kids in 18 states out of their schoolrooms and onto the outdoor classrooms battlefields that tell the story of our great country. Students receive first-hand tours from guides and get the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors. These real-world learning experiences are powerful and can become life-changing events in a young person’s life it gives them an opportunity to appreciate the history that you and I know and admire.

Today, will you please help give students the educational experience they need and deserve? We have already approved 50 more field trips for 2017 with 3,500 students but still have an unmeetable demand for field trip funding. Please support our Field Trip Fund so students across America can experience these sacred American spaces.


American Battlefield Trust

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