28 Apr 2017

Help Save 3 Virginia Stations

Help Save 3 Virginia Stations

If you have been a supporter of the Civil War Trust for a while, you have likely heard of Bristoe Station, Trevilian Station, and Reams Station. And for good reason. These three railroad hubs were scenes of terrific fighting in 1863 and 1864 as Union and Confederate armies grappled over control of Virginia’s railroads. Regiments from 18 northern and 10 southern states were involved, and even one from the District of Columbia. Roughly 7,500 Americans were casualties in these three battles and their outcomes shaped the course of our history.

Over the years, you and I have saved more than 2,100 acres at Bristoe, Trevilian, and Reams stations, creating parks and open space in places that would otherwise have become housing developments. When I think about what a legacy that is for the next generation of Americans, I can’t help but be humbled and extremely grateful for your support.

Today, you and I have the chance to build upon our previous successes and add another 480 acres to these three battlefields. This is includes the first land ever preserved on the Union side of the battle line at Bristoe Station, land over which General George Custer charged at Trevilian Station, and a key tract that connects several parcels you and I have saved at Reams Station. If we act quickly, we can take advantage of a phenomenal $76.26-to-$1 match, allowing us to save $9.7 million of hallowed ground for $127,625.

America’s railroads played vital role in our Civil War, becoming scenes of immense savagery over the course of the conflict. Put bluntly, the boys in blue and gray paid a steep price in blood to protect and control these railroads. As you and I work to protect their legacy, I hope you will consider helping us preserve the land where they sacrificed so much for future generations.


American Battlefield Trust

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