7 Apr 2017

A Call to Lead

A Call to Lead

I am humbled every day by the great dedication of members like you. I hope you feel as proud as I do about the battlefield land we have preserved over the years.

Thanks to the generosity of preservationists like you, the Civil War Trust has saved 45,000 acres of hallowed ground across the country from the iconic battlefields of Antietam and Gettysburg to the lesser-known (but no less important) sites like Rocky Face Ridge and Brice's Cross Roads. This wouldn’t be possible without folks like you sharing their passion for history and supporting our mission. I cannot thank you enough.

Believe it or not, I don’t send you an email alert or letter for every battlefield transaction we do. Often, we must move swiftly and decisively to acquire land before it falls into the hands of developers, and is lost forever. To do this, we rely on a "ready reserve" of funds, enabling us to swoop in and acquire key battlefield land at Antietam, Stones River, and Cold Harbor, to name just a few.

That "ready reserve" is provided by the Color Bearers.

Like their 19th-century counterparts, Civil War Trust Color Bearers lead the way in the fight to preserve our nation’s battlegrounds. These members people just like you make it possible for us to accomplish our mission, saving the land where history was made. Today I’m asking you to join the Color Bearers.

For a monthly gift of $84, you can join the ranks of the Trust’s Color Bearers and assume a leadership role among the core supporters of battlefield preservation and education.

There are some extraordinary opportunities on the horizon, opportunities to protect land I know you’ll be excited to save. Please join the Color Bearers and me as we stand our ground, and work every day to protect the collective history of this great country.

If you are expecting a tax refund this month, please consider donating a portion of that money to become a Color Bearer. Your contribution would double the impact of your refund and help our efforts to protect American battlefields for the generations to come.


American Battlefield Trust

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