8 Feb 2017

30th Anniversary Milestones

30th Anniversary Milestones

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the Civil War Trust. To help celebrate this event, we will be sharing some of our memorable preservation milestones with you each month. Supporters like you have propelled these efforts forward since the beginning of the modern battlefield preservation movement. Your steadfast dedication to the cause has been critical in the fight to save our hallowed ground, every step of the way. Together, we have been able to achieve unprecedented preservation victories.

I am humbled by your continual generosity and I hope you feel as proud as I do about the battlefield land we have helped preserve and interpret. These sacred American spaces will remain protected, forever, for future generations to admire and appreciate. Throughout our 30th anniversary year, I will be sharing some of our achievements with you.

In honor of its anniversary, we are taking the opportunity to highlight one of the battlefields you’ve helped us protect: The Battle of Hatcher’s Run. This Union offensive, ordered by General Grant in early February 1865, was part of the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign and sought to cut off the Confederate army’s line of supplies. From behind fortifications, General Lee anticipated this strike and sent troops under Generals Heth and Gordon to pre-emptively strike Grant’s soldiers before the attack. From February 5-7, land changed hands multiple times across Boydton Plank Road and Hatcher’s Run as the Union set out to destroy as many supply wagons as possible and the Confederates attempted to break the opposing line. As darkness fell on the 7th, Union troops were able to re-take their positions and extend their lines across Hatcher’s Run. Though the result of the engagement was inconclusive, Lee had lost strategic positioning upon which the Union would later stage future offensive attacks.

Since 1987, we have saved more than almost 45,000 acres of American battlefield land, and 387 acres of land have been preserved two distinct parts of the Hatcher’s Run battlefield. We have protected some of the best-preserved earthworks in the country and installed an interpretive trail at the site so that, today, Americans can walk the ground where our ancestors fought and learn the story of what transpired here.

None of this would have been possible without you. I want to once again thank you for all you've done to protect our American heritage over the last three decades and, as 2017 progresses, I want you to join me as we look to the future. This year promises to bring many more opportunities to preserve key acres of hallowed ground, and I hope you will help add to our list of shared victories.


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