25 Jan 2017

NJ in the Civil War, Battle of Mill Springs, Park Day, and More

NJ in the Civil War, Battle of Mill Springs, Park Day, and More

This past year, the Civil War Trust made great strides in our efforts to preserve historic battlefield land across the country, and we couldn’t have done it without our faithful members and incredible partners. Our victories at Perryville, Chancellorsville and The Wilderness, and Fredericksburg are only a small portion of the 2,373 acres saved in 11 states, and every acre preserved is critical to our shared mission of protecting America’s hallowed ground.

We announced an agreement to preserve 15 acres of the Princeton battlefield, after a two-year advocacy campaign. Petersburg National Battlefield could grow by more than 7,000 acres thanks to federal legislation passed in December. And students of all ages benefited from our growing resource library of educational materials and interactive media, as well as the $30,000 you helped us raise toward the Trust’s Field Trip Fund.

After such an incredible year, we look forward to what 2017 will bring. See more of our 2016 highlights and all of the partners who share in our success.

2016 Education Achievements

Getting people engaged with history is one of the Civil War Trust’s top goals, whether you’re a student, amateur historian, or a Civil War expert. In this video, Vice Chairman of the Board Jeff Rodek and Director of History and Education Garry Adelman talk about what the education department accomplished in 2016. From classroom curriculums to our Travelling Trunk program and planned field trips, our mission is to make history accessible to all.

Your State in the Civil War: New Jersey

Despite having a strong pro-southern support faction, New Jersey also had a considerable number of abolitionists who aided the Union cause and supported Underground Railroad efforts. Alex Andrioli explains the contentious history New Jersey had during the our nation’s Civil War, and profiles some of the state’s most notable personalities.

Save 4 battlefields 243 acres in Virginia and West Virginia

From the most influential battles to the countless small engagements, Virginia and West Virginia played pivotal roles in the Civil War. We now have the opportunity to save 243 acres at four battlefields in Virginia and West Virginia, including a vital tract at the heart of the Cedar Creek battlefield in Virginia, as well as additional land at New Market Heights. Take advantage of a $14.96-to-$1 match and help us save these four battlefields!

Anniversary of The Battle of Mill Springs

As dawn broke on the morning of January 19, 1862, Union and Confederate forces clashed at Mill Springs and Middle Creek, just outside of Nancy, Kentucky. The Union victory led by George H. Thomas was not only the first significant Federal win of the Civil War and a great morale booster, but also key in the bid to keep the state of Kentucky within the Union.


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