28 Dec 2016

We're almost there - Princeton $3-to-$1 match

We're almost there - Princeton $3-to-$1 match

A couple weeks ago, I told you about an incredible $3-to-$1 match pledge for $100,000 to help save 15 key acres at the Princeton battlefield in New Jersey. This is land over which George Washington led the counterattack against the British Redcoats  where that battle was won and American morale restored in the first days of 1777. Thanks to many members like you, we have raised nearly 90% of the $100,000 goal to be matched by 3 generous donors.

We need $13,000 to meet this first milestone on the road to preserving Princeton. Will you help us raise the rest?

It's one of the great stories in American history. On the morning of January 3, 1777, British regulars under Colonel Charles Mawhood attacked General Hugh Mercer's American column as it marched toward Princeton. The British probably thought it would be an easy fight. They were wrong. Mercer's Americans stood tall, citizen soldiers standing firm against the onslaught of a professional army. Only when the British resorted to the bayonet did the Americans give way. By then, the rest of the Continental army and Washington himself was arriving on the field. Mercer's brief stand bought the Americans the time to meet the threat and prepare for victory.

Just like those Americans two centuries ago, we have a daunting task ahead of us. The cost of preserving these 15 acres is $4 million. The success of this $300,000 match (if we can raise $100,000 online) will be an important first step on the way to preserving this land at the Princeton battlefield forever.

Will you help me ensure this battlefield land is protected for future generations to continue to recognize the compelling story that land has to tell?


American Battlefield Trust

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