16 Dec 2016

Triple Your Impact To Save Princeton

Triple Your Impact To Save Princeton

This Christmas marks the 240th anniversary of George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton on the following day, December 26, 1776. These actions inaugurated the “ten crucial days” in which America's first citizen solders took the fight to the enemy, culminating in the Battle of Princeton on January 3, 1777. As Washington led the charge that drove the British from the field at Princeton, his army emerged victorious with a renewed will to continue the fight for independence. Simply put, those ten days from Trenton to Princeton kept the dream of an independent American nation alive.

Earlier this week, the Civil War Trust and the Institute for Advanced Study announced an agreement to preserve 15 must-have acres at the Princeton battlefield the very land over which Washington led his famous charge. We at the Civil War Trust, along with our partners and supporters, must now undertake a charge of our own. We must raise the $4,000,000 necessary to save this key piece of hallowed ground on which such a profound moment of American history occurred. And, just as it was for Washington’s men, the time is now or never.

As we begin that huge undertaking, I am grateful to three generous donors who have pledged $300,000 to match all donations from now until the end of the year at a spectacular rate of 3 to 1! This means, if we raise $100,000 before the end of 2016, that number will be tripled for a total of $300,000 toward saving the Princeton battlefield. For instance, your donation of $100 today is matched to yield $300 for the land!

At a moment of crisis George Washington and his men rallied to give the American cause a vital victory when it was needed most. Now I am asking you, the supporters of the Civil War Trust and its Campaign 1776 initiative, to rally for this cause. Will you take advantage of this opportunity to triple your contribution and join us in the fight to protect one of the most historically significant parcels of land we have ever saved?


American Battlefield Trust

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