14 Dec 2016

Save Princeton

Save Princeton

Days after his stunning victory at Trenton, New Jersey, General George Washington again met the Redcoats at the Battle of Princeton. While initially repulsed by the British army, the resilient Patriots were revitalized as Washington led a counterattack that drove the British to retreat. Washington's success at Princeton was his first victory over British regulars in the field, capping off 10 crucial days for the cause of independence.

As you may recall, earlier this year, part of the ground where George Washington led the storied charge at Princeton was being cleared in preparation for a faculty housing complex for the Institute for Advanced Study, a private independent academic institution. Well, thanks to the support of concerned citizens and Trust members like you, the Institute and the Civil War Trust have reached an agreement to preserve the site of George Washington's famous counterattack! But we again need your help to do it, as we must now raise the funds to make this preservation dream a reality.

We have the unprecedented opportunity to save 15 acres where George Washington and our nation’s first citizen soldiers fought! Preserving this hallowed ground will increase the size of Princeton Battlefield State Park by 16 percent. Land that was once as good as lost can now be protected if we act now.

Will you help us preserve George Washington’s legacy and save the land where he fought Princeton?

Watch this video to learn more about this exciting opportunity to save 15 critical acres at Princeton.


American Battlefield Trust

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