9 Dec 2016

Save Nearly 400 Acres in Virginia!

Save Nearly 400 Acres in Virginia!

Recently, I alerted you to an opportunity to save 393 acres at three different Virginia battlefields: Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain and Cold Harbor. I am hopeful we’ll be able to add these acres to the more than 23,000 acres of hallowed ground we have already preserved across Virginia battlefields. These three tracts each saw heavy fighting during those battles and are long-awaited, important acquisitions to the Trust.

At Gaines’ Mill, we are saving property adjacent to land we have protected over the last several years, completing a section of the battlefield over which the decisive assault of the battle was made.

At Cedar Mountain, the 333-acre parcel we are working to preserve was a major Union artillery platform and the launching point for the Federal assault on the Confederate left.

And at Cold Harbor, we are working to save the site of a significant earthen fort, adding to the overall acreage saved at this pivotal Overland Campaign battleground.

In striving to complete the preservation of these battlefields, we hope future visitors will see the landscapes of Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain and Cold Harbor as the soldiers saw them in 1862 and 1864, when more than 32,000 Americans were casualties of war.


American Battlefield Trust

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