18 Dec 2016

Aotrs Shipyards December 2016 Release: Jalyrkieon Hierarchy

Aotrs Shipyards is a web store on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

This month, we have two new Jalyrkieon Hierarchy vessels, the Riftev Tractor Cruiser and and the Aruisiki Battleship.

(While I'm waiting to try and get today's modern 144 release out…!)

And, thanks to Shapeway's recent sale, as a special treat, the photos are even of the WSF material!

Riftev Tractor Cruiser

Riftev Tractor Cruiser


The Riftev Tractor Cruiser is a dedicated tractor beam specialist vessel not commonly seen in the Jalyrkieon starfleet. It is deployed during capture or salvage operations, often backed up by Arrifek Assault Shuttles from a carrier during the latter.

The Riftev's primary operational function is achieved by the four lare tractor emitters, each of which contains a dual emitter array. The compactness of Jalyrkieon phased-plasma weapons means it carries a not-inconsiderable secondary armament. The Riftev is plentifully provided with smaller phased-plasma arrays for point-defence or helping to strip a captured vessels of key systems once the shields and armour have been battered down.

Aruisiki Battleship

Aruisiki Battleship


The Aruisiki Battleship is a scaled-down dreadnought. It took much of the internal design structure of the Essperila and paired it with the Venlix's architecture. The theory was to create a blend of both highly successful designs, but in practise, subtle inconsistencies and poor optimisation have lead the Aruisiki to have a troubled design history and it is only now finally entering production in any numbers. The Aruisiki itself, some years old, has already been recalled for a serious overhaul to bring it up to the Aruisiki's current design plan, which fixes some of the most glaring problems.

The Aruisiki is armed with a sizable number of phased-plasma batteries. A pair of small energy torpedo tubes (of the same design as the Venlix) are mounted on the forward hull, and it carries a number of missile racks. It has a solid network of point-defence systems – like the Essperila, the Aruisiki is expected to perform some operations without escort, though the smaller size of the vessel means these operations are not as common.

What comes next month is up in the air at the moment; I have some Tarrainian Federation ground forces at 144, but there also may be more Zirakthatûm starships. Some more Xyriat ships are also planned (and indeed one design is already done), plus the future Wodef Enclave, the second of the elenthnar races (which already has a few ships).

Have a good Christmas/appropriate other holiday and New Year and I'll be back in January.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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