11 Nov 2016

Save Barlow’s Knoll at Gettysburg!

Save Barlow’s Knoll at Gettysburg!

As we commemorate this Veterans Day, let’s remember those who fought in the Civil War and later created our first national military parks, like the one in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They wanted the land where they had shed blood to serve as a reminder of the great struggle that defined our nation. They wanted future generations to “see where and by whom great things were suffered and done for them.” Our battlefield parks and Gettysburg in particular are just one facet of the remarkable and unique legacy left to us by the veterans of the Civil War generation.

The Civil War Trust strives to continue the great work those veterans began by saving unprotected hallowed ground across the nation. Last month, I told you about one such opportunity at Gettysburg: a 35-acre parcel located near Barlow’s Knoll. This land one of the most important unprotected properties at Gettysburg was the scene of intense fighting on July 1, 1863, as Confederates under General John B. Gordon steamrolled the Union division of General Francis Barlow. Veterans of the battle placed monuments along this property's perimeter to memorialize the fighting they did on these 35 acres.

Today, I am pleased to tell you we have raised roughly 90 percent of the $400,000 needed to permanently protect these 35 acres. Will you help us preserve this historic piece of ground?

Please help us complete the unfinished work begun by our veterans in blue and gray, and save Barlow’s Knoll.


American Battlefield Trust

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