27 Nov 2016

Just $20 Sends a Student on a Field Trip

Just $20 Sends a Student on a Field Trip

Students are nearly halfway through the school year and have doubtless learned a lot since September.

Unfortunately, all across the United States, thousands of these young Americans are not receiving the history education they need and deserve. We know most eighth grade students eight out of every 10 do not even have a basic proficiency in American history or how our government works.

To make matters worse, the first activities on the chopping block are often those we found most exciting when we were in school: field trips. These out-of-classroom excursions are an irreplaceable experience to help engage students beyond the books.

That’s where the Civil War Trust’s Field Trip Fund comes in. This fund sponsors class field trips to Civil War battlefields and other related historic sites for students who might not otherwise be able to make the trip. Since its creation a few years ago, the fund has enabled more than 9,000 school kids to visit battlefields in 18 states! This is a great way to help the next generation of Americans learn about and appreciate our shared heritage. And now is a great time to support the Field Trip Fund, because we have a matching grant for online donations to the program.

Now, a generous donor has come forward with a matching pledge of $15,000. That means you donation will double with this 1-to-1 match for twice the impact! If $20 can send one student on a field trip, a gift of $20 will send two students to visit a Civil War battlefield. A $250 donation will double to give 25 kids a field trip a tangible link to American history and a memory they will cherish for years to come.

Help give students the next generation of Americans the educational experience they need and deserve by supporting our Field Trip Fund today.


American Battlefield Trust

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