19 Oct 2016

Save 35 Acres at Gettysburg!

Save 35 Acres at Gettysburg!

Later this month, we will celebrate the opening of the newly restored Lee’s Headquarters site at Gettysburg. Prior to 2014, Lee’s Headquarters was the most important unprotected piece of ground on the Gettysburg battlefield. Thanks to your efforts we have not only saved that land, but have restored it to its wartime appearance. That’s a tremendous accomplishment, and one for which you have my thanks.

Now, we are turning our sights to another key piece of unprotected battlefield land at Gettysburg: 35 acres associated with the fighting at Barlow’s Knoll. This is another vitally important part of the Gettysburg battlefield, and we need to act quickly to make sure this crucial piece of our history is protected forever.

You know the story. Early on the afternoon of July 1, 1863, 29 year-old General Francis Barlow placed his division of the Union Eleventh Corps on a small rise north of the Gettysburg Almhouse. It wasn’t long before General John B. Gordon’s Confederates attacked Barlow’s position, steamrolling the Yankees off the knoll and across the Almshouse property below. Pockets of Barlow’s men made short, desperate attempts to stem the tide, only to be washed away by Gordon’s impetuous men. Hundreds of men fell on the ground between the Almshouse and Barlow’s Knoll, including General Barlow himself, who was captured. Half of Barlow’s men became casualties at Gettysburg.

You and I now have the opportunity to save these 35 acres scene of such terrific carnage and protect it for future generations. Help save this piece of American history.


American Battlefield Trust

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