7 Oct 2016

Mississippi: Port Gibson Battlefield at Risk!

Mississippi: Port Gibson Battlefield at Risk!

Late on the night of April 30, 1863, Union troops under fortress city of Vicksburg. Their objective was Port Gibson, a small town with the major road vital for the maneuver of Grant’s army. As the Federals made their way toward Port Gibson in the predawn hours of May 1, Confederates under General Martin Green fired into the unsuspecting Yankees, setting off the first battle of the Vicksburg Campaign. Though the Rebels had the advantage of darkness and terrain, Grant’s troops fought a determined battle that ultimately forced the Rebels to abandon Port Gibson. After several hours of hard fighting, Grant had reached the first objective on the road to Vicksburg.

The Civil War Trust is now working to preserve a 22-acre portion of the Port Gibson battlefield, part of our effort to save 434 acres of hallowed ground in Mississippi. Few battlefields in America are as pristine as Port Gibson, and these 22 acres are no exception. The undulations in the ground, which provided protection to Union and Confederates alike, are plainly visible here, and it doesn’t take much to imagine the troops marching through this area. We need to protect this land so that future Americans can see the ground where one of the greatest campaigns of the Civil War began.


American Battlefield Trust

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