13 Sept 2016

Updated: Berthier Campaign Manager Software (Version 9.7)

Updated: Berthier Campaign Manager Software (Version 9.7)

I've have released an update of the free Berthier Campaign Manager software (version 9.7).

This update has both functionality and cosmetic changes. The main changes are:

A new (and I think easier) method for composing Move Orders
A choice of fonts that can be used for the interface
See the README file in the download for the full details.

Berthier is free software that manages wargames campaigns for miniatures. Berthier is suitable for historical, naval or fantasy campaigns in most periods. Berthier allows two campaigners, without an umpire, to run simple strategic campaigns leading to tabletop battles. Alternatively, umpires can use Berthier to run two-sided campaigns.


Berthier Campaign Manager

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