16 Sep 2016

Save Trevilian Station

Save Trevilian Station

Union generals George Armstrong Custer and Wesley Merritt against the likes of Wade Hampton and Fitzhugh Lee, was the largest all-cavalry battle of the war. It’s a key piece of our history, and I am grateful for your continued support in protecting it.

However, one major part of the battlefield has been neglected.

On the morning of June 11, 1864, Custer’s Michigan cavalrymen were picketing the historic Marquis Road when, at around 5:00 a.m., Confederate horsemen under Gen. Williams Wickham surprised the Yankees, many of whom were eating breakfast. Wickham’s Virginians drove the Federals up the Marquis Road, capturing several of Custer’s men. Ultimately, the wolverines repulsed Wickham’s attack before being called away to another part of the field. However, the fierce firefight marked the beginning of the largest all-cavalry battle of the Civil War. The Battle of Trevilian Station had begun.

You and I now have the chance to save two acres associated with the “first contact” at the Battle of Trevilian Station. Wickham’s Virginia cavalry charged over this ground in their fight with Custer’s Michiganders. Preserving this land will allow future generations to imagine an important but overlooked portion of one of the Civil War’s epic cavalry contests.

We recently placed the winning bid at an auction to acquire this property rushing in to ensure that this land was not lost to development. Without the time to secure funds in advance of the auction, we’re counting on your help to raise the necessary funds to save this neglected portion of the Trevilian Station battlefield.

Help save Trevilian Station!


American Battlefield Trust

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