28 Sep 2016

Save land at Champion Hill, Port Gibson & Brice's Cross Roads!

Save land at Champion Hill, Port Gibson and Brice's Cross Roads!

Today, I’m excited to tell you about a brand new opportunity to save 434 acres of hallowed ground at three Mississippi battlefields: Champion Hill, Port Gibson and Brice’s Cross Roads. This is an incredible opportunity to build on our previous successes at these three sites where we have already saved more than 2,400 acres. I hope you’ll join us.

As a student of history, you know Mississippi’s role in our nation’s defining conflict can’t be overstated. Control of the Mississippi River dominated Union and Confederate strategies in the Western Theater in the first years of the war. Later in the war, Mississippi served as a staging area for Confederate raids on Federal supply lines. It’s no surprise then that 16 major battles including the battles of the all-important Vicksburg Campaign were fought in the Magnolia State.

The 434 acres we are trying to save represent some of the most important battles fought in Mississippi. Ulysses S. Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign began in the thickets of Port Gibson and raged up the slope of Champion Hill. Less than a year later, Confederate cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest nearly destroyed the Union army at Brice’s Cross Roads. Only a brave stand by two regiments of United States Colored Troops saved the Yankees from complete disaster.

You and I cannot afford to lose these priceless pieces of American history. Help us save Champion Hill, Port Gibson and Brice’s Cross Roads so future generations can stand where their ancestors stood and appreciate their sacrifice.


American Battlefield Trust

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