14 Sep 2016

Brandywine In4

Brandywine In4

As dawn broke on the morning of September 11, 1777, fog clung along the banks of Brandywine Creek near Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania. Gen. George Washington posted his nearly 14,000-man Continental Army among several small hills overlooking the creek. His goal was to prevent the British from occupying the young nation’s capital at Philadelphia.

Washington, thinking his strong position impenetrable, had received faulty intelligence. A skillful British flank march would eventually doom the American effort to defend the Brandywine. Despite brave stands by American soldiers at Birmingham Meeting House and elsewhere, Brandywine ended in a Colonial defeat—but it was an invaluable experience for Washington’s young army. Washington said the experience had helped his men gain “what all young troops gain by being in actions.”

In our In4 video on Brandywine, Revolutionary War expert Thomas McGuire helps you experience one of the largest battles of the American Revolution.


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