17 Aug 2016

Save 4 Western Battlefields

Save 4 Western Battlefields

How many acres of priceless hallowed ground have been lost in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina? I shared an opportunity to save more than 500 acres at four major Western battlefields Shiloh, Stones River, Rocky Face Ridge, Bentonville all battlefield acreage adjacent to previously preserved lands! This is our chance to protect this hallowed ground for future generations.

The Americans who fought in the West were were some of the bravest and daring of the war. The Battle of Shiloh was the bloodiest battle in American history up to that time. The Battle of Stones River was also a horrific struggle, one in which Union and Confederate armies suffered the highest percentage of casualties of any battle of the Civil War. Some of those same men met again at Rocky Face Ridge when audacious Union troops scaled a mountain to assault Rebels who fought them to a standstill. And at Bentonville the largest battle in North Carolina exhausted Southerners waged a desperate offensive against Sherman’s Yankees, only to be turned back by equally desperate Union defenders.

As a member of the Civil War Trust, I know that you are committed to saving as much important Civil War battlefield land as possible in the time before it is lost forever. You also know that each day, we lose more and more battlefield land especially in the Western Theater. By saving these 503 acres, you are not only preserving the memory of the men who fought there, but you are helping future generations of Americans learn about our history in a way that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Learn more about this opportunity and see all the resources at Shiloh 2016.


American Battlefield Trust

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