23 Aug 2016

Help Save Antietam And The Maryland Campaign!

Help Save Antietam And The Maryland Campaign!

As a member of the Civil War Trust, you know all about the great work members like you have done to preserve the Antietam battlefield in Maryland. Just last year, you helped preserve the 44-acre “Epicenter” tract at the heart of the battlefield. Surrounded by the Cornfield, the East Woods, West Woods, and the Dunker Church, those 44 acres were crucial to understanding the bloodiest day in American history. Nearby, you also helped us preserve land in the adjacent East Woods and North Woods.

Today, I’m writing to you about another opportunity to save land right next to the Dunker Church. This is just one piece of a deal we’re working on to save 84 acres at Antietam and two other Maryland Campaign battlefields, South Mountain and Shepherdstown. In each case we are adding to the total number of acres saved at these key battlefields, building on the great work that you have already done to preserve American history.

You’ll recall that the autumn of 1862 was a momentous season for Americans in the North and South. Confederate General Robert E. Lee hoped a decisive victory on northern soil would win his fledgling nation international recognition. Meanwhile, President Abraham Lincoln needed a victory of his own so he could issue his Emancipation Proclamation. The subsequent battles of South Mountain, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, and Shepherdstown—where a total of 41,000 Americans were killed, wounded, or captured—decided the issue. Lee’s men fought valiantly but failed to land a decisive blow. Though the Yankees failed to achieve a clear victory, they had thwarted the Confederate invasion, and Lincoln used the partial success to issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

You now have a chance to save 84 acres at three of those battlefields where the course of American history was altered forever. By saving this land, you and I are giving future generations the opportunity to see some of the sites where the great issues of our Civil War were decided. I can think of no better tribute to those soldiers in blue and gray.

Help Save the Maryland Campaign.


American Battlefield Trust

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