25 Feb 2016

Skull and Crown Warmaster, 10mm Wagons

Wagon Design

The design is a simple cart, where you can leave the front and back off it you want. The base is a standard 20 x 40mm Warmaster base, and the horse is scaled to suit 10mm. I did the first drafts on some old mat board I had and really liked the thickness and how it all came together - plus super easy to paint. No reason to make these out of wood, so I'm now sticking with the quality mat board.

It still needs a bit of finalizing, like the horse's base sticks out too much, making him crowd the wagon a bit, and I might put tabs in wagon bed for the side boards, but otherwise it's ready to go.

How can you get some? I'm glad you asked!

Eventually I'll put these and a few other 10mm bits and bobs up on my webstore, but for now
I've got 20 wagons sitting here waiting for good homes. I'll post out 2 wagons to 10 of my beloved bloggy-readers; I only need your address. Yes, even you in Tasmania! You can either add your address to the comments (Skull and Crown Warmaster, 10mm Wagons), or email me at woodenwars1815@gmail.com, just put "10mm wagons" in the subject. 

Skull and Crown

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