18 Feb 2016

Save Perryville

Save Perryville

Today we have an incredible opportunity to substantially complete the preservation at Perryville.
Perryville is a largely preserved battlefield due in large measure to your efforts. If you’ve ever visited this site, you’ll know what I’m talking about. When you step onto the rolling fields of Kentucky bluegrass, you can see this remarkable land much as it looked in 1862.

Together, we can now save an additional 70 acres where already you have helped us protect 957 acres. That makes over 1,000 acres of preserved land where our history happened. Prospects like this don’t come around often.

This land is not only naturally beautiful but is extremely significant from a historical perspective. Perryville has been called “the Western High-Watermark of the Confederacy.” This parcel is one of the last major pieces of unprotected land at the battlefield, the largest and bloodiest battle fought in Kentucky.

Preservation of this land is essential to the interpretation of the closing, climatic stages of the Battle of Perryville’s northern flank.

This land also contains the most important man-made structure on the Perryville battlefield: the 430-foot long stone fence behind which Colonel John Starkweather’s Union brigade finally stopped the advance of General Ben Cheatham’s Confederate division, just 600 yards short of the entire Union First Corps supply train. The Yankees then used this fence to launch a slashing counterattack that drove the Confederates back. The fight for the Union left essentially ended on the land you and I are trying to save.

Thanks to your previous support, this hallowed ground is virtually unchanged from its 1862 appearance. Will you help to complete our work to save his battlefield? Imagine a total of 1,027 acres saved forever at one of the best-preserved battlefields in America.

Please join me in this historic effort to save Perryville today.

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