18 Dec 2015

Preserve Appomattox, The Site Of Lee's Surrender

Preserve Appomattox, The Site Of Lee's Surrender

Save 202 acres where the Civil War ended!

Many of you are familiar with the story of Appomattox where Grant and Lee sat down together and began the process of “binding the nation’s wounds” after four years of unprecedented warfare. But before the surrender, there was an intense battle on this same land.

One hundred fifty years later, we have an opportunity to buy three properties - one large tract, and two smaller ones - for a total of 202 acres at the exact place where the soldiers took part in their last battle. I’m asking for your help to raise $50,000 to save 202 acres where these men fired their final shots.

This property will put us one step closer to completing the preservation of Appomattox battle ground. Other charitable foundations have recognized the importance of this land and have made contributions. As part of the purchase price, we will also stabilize the historic Morton House that is situated on the property.

Numerous accounts, both Federal and Confederate, describe the still-intense fighting in this area of the battlefield, on April 9, 1865, even while truce flags were circulating along other portions of the lines.

Please help me save 202 acres at the place where the Civil War ended! »

This land needs to be preserved so future generations can learn about this important period in our nation’s history.

Help us near the complete preservation of the Appomattox battlefield by saving 202 acres today!


American Battlefield Trust

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