23 Oct 2015

Save Antietam's North Woods!

Save Antietam's North Woods!

When opportunity presents itself, you must act. Union General George McClellan knew this when he discovered a lost copy of General Robert E. Lee’s orders for his September 1862 invasion of Maryland. Armed with this invaluable intelligence, McClellan set his army on a collision course with the Confederates that resulted in the bloodiest day in American history the Battle of Antietam. Though “Little Mac” failed to destroy his enemy, as some might have liked, few could argue his decision to bring on a battle in Maryland changed the course of American history.

The Civil War Trust has now been called into swift action to preserve a 1.2-acre portion of the North Woods on the Antietam battlefield. At a recent auction, the Trust placed the winning $300,000 bid on this land. The Save Historic Antietam Foundation immediately pledged $50,000 leaving us $250,000 to raise within 45 days of the auction. Though we have had our fair share of opportunities at this iconic battlefield this year, this tract in particular which saw troops from three different Union corps advance and retreat across it requires our immediate attention. If we do not raise the necessary $250,000 by November 3 of this year, we could lose our chance to save this important piece of hallowed ground.

Help Save the North Woods at Antietam!


American Battlefield Trust

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