Friday, 1 May 2015

Help save Champion Hill!

Help save Champion Hill!

As his army charged up Champion Hill, General Ulysses S. Grant saw one of his divisions under General John A. Logan a former U.S. congressman advancing in splendid style toward the Confederate left flank. Calling to an aide, Grant said, “Go down and tell Logan that he is making history today.” Logan’s assault overlapped the Confederate left and threatened to cut the Jackson Road, the Confederates’ only avenue of escape. The Confederates blunted the Yankees with a ferocious counterattack spearheaded by Seth Barton’s Georgia brigade but only for a moment. After a fierce, seesaw struggle Logan’s men seized the Jackson Road and the Confederates were driven from Champion Hill, thus setting the stage for the siege and surrender of Vicksburg.

The Battle of Champion Hill has rightly been called the most decisive battle of one of the most decisive campaigns of the Civil War. To date, the Civil War Trust has worked to save 406 acres of this important battlefield, but there is still work to be done. We now have the opportunity to save an additional 66 acres along the Jackson Road ground over which boys in blue and gray alike charged in the fight for control of that crucial roadway. Thanks to a $3.55-to-$1 match, we can save this key piece of hallowed ground for a fraction of its face value, and ensure that this land is protected for generations to come.

American Battlefield Trust

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