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The Road to Atlanta

The Road to Atlanta

New ACW scenario book: The Road to Atlanta, by the talented game master and author Brad Butkovich of Historic Imagination is back with another regimental-level Civil War scenario book for use with popular miniatures rules sets. Brad is an excellent researcher with a number of similar scenario books in print, as well as non-fiction Civil War books such as his outstanding account of the 1864 Battle of Pickett’s Mill in Georgia. He has become one of the leading experts on wargaming the 1863 and 1864 fighting in northern Georgia and Tennessee. His previous works have covered the battles of Chickamauga and Pickett’s Mill in detail with various scenarios per battle.
This newly published book is entitled The Road to Atlanta: Regimental Wargame Scenarios for the Atlanta Campaign May-June 1864. It is roughly 100 pages chock full of interesting scenarios which can be used as base information with modifications for Regimental Fire & FuryAcross a Deadly FieldJohnny Reb,Gettysburg SoldiersCivil War Commander, and several others.
Brad offers scenarios for Crow Valley, Stevenson’s Attack, McPherson at Resaca, Lay’s Ferry, Gilgal Church, Latimer Farm, Noonday Creek, Bald Knob, Pigeon Hill, and Cheatham Hill. Each one includes a full order of battle for the opposing forces (including organizational structure, manpower, and armament), an excellent map drawn by Brad, historical commentary, scenario-specific objectives and special rules, terrain details, objectives, and victory conditions.
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The “McPherson at Resaca” scenario shows the full color maps Brad has produced for this book, as well as showing the general style he has employed. The historical backgrounds are succinct summaries of the general strategic situation as well as a high level summary of the resulting engagement.

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Brad has punctuated the book with several full color photographs of the modern battlefield sites. These help give the reader a sense of the general terrain although obviously 150+ years have passed. Even so, Confederate trenches are still visible at places like Gilgal Church.

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The Road to Atlanta scenario book has a suggested retail price of $25.99. It is available directly from the author via his Facebook page, or from amazon.com. See also Brad’s website at www.historicimagination.com for more details.
ISBN 978-0-9904122-3-6

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