9 Dec 2014

Sean Harrison Bullough, Sculptor


I am a traditional and digital sculptor/model maker creating high  quality models for wargames and video game assets.

If you have anything that needs sculpting I would be interested. I work in any scale and subject; fantasy, sci-fi or historic.

Work History
Games Workshop
Forge World/Specialist Games
Privateer Press
On the Lamb Games
Sodapop Miniatures
Avatars of War
World's End Publishing
Battle Valor Games
Clearhorizon Miniatures
Shieldwolf Miniatures
Loud Ninja Games
Zenit Miniatures
Wartime Miniatures
Paymaster Games
Microworld Games
Ghost Train Games
Crossover Miniatures
Anti-matter Games
Paulson Games
Dark Realm Miniatures
Cauldron Born Miniatures
Garage Gaming
Kabuki Models
Outland Games
Antimatter Games
Pontoon Miniatures
Chapterhouse Studios

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  1. Hi, Sean. Am looking at doing a range of 10mm SYW to match my AIM line. What do you charge? I have the guns already, just need some infantry, command, Basic Cav, a few Mounted generals. Looking to offer the same poses for each nationality. Example: Prussian Infantry: One pose for March-Attack; 2 poses for advancing; "Moving" Officer, Drummer, Standard bearer (with pole-no flag), NCO with Halbred. Heads for tricorne, fusilier, grenadier. Since thee uniforms are the same, only the headgear distinguishes the "type" hwad swap the matrix and we're in business! That would be (for starters) 3 infantry, 4 command, 4 arty crew (1 w/ ball, 1 w/ ramrod vertical, 1 with Bucket and one with linstock lighting the gun up!) One mounted officer (11 foot and 1 mtd). Again 10mm from bottom of feet to across the eyes.

    Will need to know pricing for masters/rights and delivery time to deliver (minus shipping of course).

    Please respond to tomdye14@yahoo.com. BTW, have seen what you have done for Chris at Outland Games.

    Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your reply.

    Tom Dye
    AIM (ex GFI Minifigs)