2 Dec 2014

Old Glory 25s, Miniatures

Old Glory 25s, Miniatures


We are pleased to bring you the entire line of Old Glory Products for Historical Miniature wargaming, including our fine line of resin cast Ships and Buildings from The Old Glory Shipyard (formerly Merrimack). Our products are created and produced by Old Glory Corp in the USA. We have all of the Old Glory 25s, plus all the lines carried by Old Glory including; Command Decision, Magnificent Little Soldier Company "Grand Scale 10", Sash and Saber, and related products. We have added the Blue Moon Manufacturing products for your shopping convenience.

Ancients, Achaemenid Persians, Assyrians, Byzantines, Carthaginians, Egyptians, Gauls, Goths, Greeks,  Hittites, Huns, Indian,  Romans, Sassanid Persians, Steppe Peoples
Colonial, 1879 Zulu War
Dark Ages, Anglo Saxon, Norman, Vikings
Medieval, Mid European,  Mongols, Late European
Napoleonic, Austrian, British, French, French Allies, Prussian, Russian
Renaissance, English Civil War
18th Century, American War of Independence, Marlburian, Seven Years War
19th Century, American Civil War, Mexican-American War

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Old Glory 25s, Miniatures
4150 State Route 981
Mt. Pleasant
PA 15666
United States






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