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The Final Set Of Lissa Ships Have Now Been Released from Pithead Miniatures

The final set of Lissa ships have now been released by Spithead, this has been a big project for us and I am pleased that it has come to fruition and grateful to all those who have supported the project. The Lissa series comprises of 8 sets of ships.  It  has  represented  a big investment for both ourselves and for our customers who have supported it.  I feel it has all been worthwhile as the opportunity of owning a full set of the ships for this fascinating battle will probably never happen again.

Austrian second division

This final set of ships represents the wooden warships of the Austrian second division commanded by Anton van Petz  who although out gunned and out armoured  he led his wooden warships in a line straight through the centre and rear Italian Ironclad divisions and although his flagship Kaiser was badly damaged  she survived the action to sail into Vis harbour for after battle repairs . The Kaiser was so well founded that she would later become an Austrian Ironclad carrying the same name.

Spithead plan to introduce some Prussian and Danish warships at a later date that can be used in conjunction with the  Austrian frigates contained  in this ship set .

If you would like more  information on these models or  a full list of Spithead products then contact us at vanilla55@sky.com

Spithead Miniatures
Pithead Miniatures

The Battle of Korsun-Cherkassy: The Encirclement and Breakout of Army Group South, 1944

The Battle of Korsun-Cherkassy: The Encirclement and Breakout of Army Group South, 1944

In 1943 the tide began to turn against Germany on the Eastern Front. Their summer offensive, Operation Citadel, was a failure and the Red Army seized the initiative, despite appallingly high losses. Waging a war of attrition, the Russians gradually pushed Germany’s Army Group South back. By October 1943 the Russians had reached the Dnepr in Ukraine, Kiev was liberated, and the scene was set for the events described in this book, written by a high-ranking General Nikolaus von Vormann, who commanded XLVII. Panzerkorps.

The battle of Cherkassy is also known as the Korsun Pocket, Korsun being the small town at the center of the area containing the surrounded German forces. After sudden attacks by the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts, in January 1944 the Russians achieved a major encirclement of six German divisions, a total of 60,000 soldiers. The Red Army had the numerical advantage, but two of the Panzer divisions were in good shape, and thus a dramatic battle ensued, with each side both attacking and defending.

Strenuous efforts to avoid another Stalingrad were made, with the Germans led by Erich von Manstein attempting to break into the pocket. Atrocious weather plus effective resistance repulsed their attacks and by mid-February it became clear that breaking out of the pocket was the only option for the Germans. Abandoning a huge amount of equipment and the wounded, they succeeded and rejoined the surrounding panzer divisions. The Germans avoided a catastrophe but 34% of the troops did not survive.

Generalleutnant von Vormann’s account starts with the retreat to the Dnepr in 1943, describes the battle of Kirowograd from 5th-17th January 1944, the encirclement, the efforts to relieve the trapped troops, the struggle of the troops within the pocket, and the breakout. His mainly factual account also contains a description of the psychological effects on the men of this most brutal and physically exhausting battle. It is one of the few primary source materials that exists and is therefore of significant historical interest.

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New World War Art Picture

War Banner in partnership with Hysterical Games

War Banner in with Hysterical Games

War Banner are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a partnership with War Banner with Hysterical Games.

War Banner’s Andy Hobday, whose credits include Test of Honour, Gangs of Rome and the forthcoming Mortal Gods, will now manage Hysterical Games. This will include the running of Hysterical Games’ portfolio of games and miniatures, with War Banner fulfilling all orders placed though Hysterical games’ website.

Hysterical Games, meanwhile, will continue to fulfil all resin production contracts and orders as placed by its existing customers and is actively seeking new clients.

We look forward to not only working with Hysterical Games but also helping Hysterical Games’ Steve Blease develop and enrich their existing collection of games such as Panzerfäuste, Futbowel and Spitfyre. In working closely with Hysterical Games, we are excited about the potential opportunities that will arise for both businesses.

War Banner Ltd
Hysterical Games

Wargames Illustrated 373, November 2018

Wargames Illustrated 373, November 2018

In the current issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine (WI373, November) a group of hardened campaigners discuss the relative merits of bringing their experience as re-enactors to the tabletop and vice versa.

A special look at what we ‘Spotted At’…the Colours show in Newbury, UK, plus a close up on what was in the cabinets at the last Warlord Open Day!

Colonel (Retd.) Bill Gray looks at the impact of the Husaria on the tabletop battlefield.

Steve Wood, ardent fan of the Black Powder rules, takes a critical look at what’s new and worth noting in the new edition.

Some hardened campaigners discuss the relative merits of bringing their experience as re-enactors to the tabletop and vice versa.

Military historian Vincent Rospond charts the rise of the Polish Legion during the period of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Following the success of his recent three part series on painting and modelling with MDF buildings, we asked Gary Faulkner to “give us more!” and he has obliged….

The team behind the popular By Fire and Sword rules tell us about their plans and provide an insight into their company.

The latest installment in author Steve Tibble’s quest to bring a more accurate Crusade to the world of wargaming.

Vincent Rospond continues the story of the Polish Legion, focusing on their service during WWI and its aftermatch.

A close look at the ideas behind the creation of this gladiatorial combat game, plus some exclusive new rules content.

In this article Dom Sore discusses the contribution made by this unit of Polish exiles in the defence of Britain and their efforts to hit back at Germany.

Paul Leach takes us to the edge of Apocalypse and beyond.

Dom Sore looks at the contribution made by Polish troops during the bloody assaults at Cassino during WWII.

Bob Murch of the marvellous Pulp Figures provides some guidelines for getting the best from these new figures that support the Flint and Feather ruleset.

Ash Baker takes us through his motivations and the design ideas of his recently released Osprey zombie game.

Dicky Boyd discusses an educational project for children which used wargaming and operatic music to convey the realities of World War One.

David Bickley shows us his small but beautifully formed converted garage come wargames room.

Wargames Illustrated

Berthier Campaign Manager Software Updated (Version 9.13)

I've Released an Update of the Free Berthier Campaign Manager Software (Version 9.13)

Berthier Campaign Manager Software Updated (Version 9.13)

This release introduces a number of small changes to Berthier. See the Readme file in the download for the full details.

Berthier may be downloaded here.

Berthier is free software that manages wargames campaigns for miniatures. Berthier is suitable for historical, naval or fantasy campaigns in most periods.

Berthier Campaign Manager

How We Honor Their Sacrifice

How We Honor Their Sacrifice

In this age of tanks, helicopters, jets, rockets, and drones, how can we learn from a battle fought on horseback or on foot? When taken down to the basic principles, war hasn't changed. We fight for our country, to protect the people we love and the freedoms we hold dear. And we take inspiration from the soldiers who fought, on horseback or on foot, to give us those freedoms in the first place.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony in Gettysburg for the Soldiers' National Cemetery, 155 years ago this month, President Abraham Lincoln remarked that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here." In truth, no one has ever forgotten, nor will anyone ever forget, Lincoln's brief, immortal words on that day. But Lincoln was right in predicting that Americans would remember with profound gratitude those who offer, and all too often give, the last full measure of devotion so that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Such gratitude is owed in equal measure to all those veterans who came before and all those who have come since. These men and women who sacrifice so much represent the best of America.

The brave citizen-soldiers who made our country what it is today may be gone, but we have an unprecedented opportunity to honor them. Now is the time to protect the hallowed grounds where so many shed blood and laid down their lives. In another generation, it may be too late.

Thank you for everything you do to honor veterans past and present.

With deepest gratitude,

Lt. General Richard Mill, USMC (Ret.)
Lt. General Richard Mill, USMC (Ret.)
Board Member
American Battlefield Trust

For my fellow veterans as well as those men and women in uniform currently serving, we would be grateful if you would take a moment to tell us about your service in our brief Veterans Survey. Any information you provide will be kept confidential.

American Battlefield Trust

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Slingshot 321

Slingshot 321

Slingshot 321 with the printers and will appear shortly.

Here is a list of the contents:

The debate continues on Egyptian chronology whilst readers examine How Hard does a Horse Hit and Wargaming War Wagons from Issue 320.

Procopian Warfare
Roy Boss examines the armies and fighting styles of the era of Justinian to see if there is a commonality.

A Different Take on Taginae
Chris Hahn wargames the small but important pre-battle skirmish in which a body of Gothic cavalry attempted to force a passage through Roman infantry to the Roman rear. The article is accompanied by diagrams giving an overview of the main battle itself.

Fun Fighting Fives at Falkirk
David Knight plays Roman-Pictish skirmishes at Big Roman Day at Falkirk against 5-year-olds - and gets trounced by one of them!

Argentoratum, AD 357
Patrick Waterson examines the battle between Julian and Chnodomar of the Alamans to see how well-merited Julian's reputation for generalship really was.

The Society Championship Needs You
Denis Grey describes how the Society's annual Championship works.

Slingshot Figures Reviews
28mm Carroballista by Warbases, 28mm Late Medievals and 15mm Parthians by Irregular Miniatures

Slingshot Book Reviews
Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire
The Komnene Dynasty
Triumph! Ruleset


Some New Odds & Ends from Pendraken Miniatures

While we're working on Kickstarter, not-Kickstarters, BKC-IV and more, we've still found a bit of time to tick off some of our Top 10 Requests!  This month we've had the designer working on a few revamps and requests so we'll have these moulded and ready to release soon.

First up we've got a couple of Marlburian revamps.  The current command, artillery crew and cuirassiers are older sculpts than the rest of the range so they've needed a bit of upgrading for a while now.  These new ones are much better sculpts and will match in with the other infantry/cavalry a lot better.

Command x 3 / Artillery crew x 4

Command x 3 / Artillery crew x 4

Austrian Cuirassiers x 4

Austrian Cuirassiers x 4

Next up we've got number 9 on the Top 10 requested items, with a new Vietnam radio op figure, along with a forward observer and medic to go with him!

Vietnam FOO / RTO / Medic

Vietnam FOO / RTO / Medic

And finally, number 5 on the Top 10 requested items is Pirates!  These are a bit of an experiment to see how much demand there is, as we know that a lot of people have asked about these over the years.  We've tried to do them so that they'll fit into any slave revolt / mutiny scenarios as well, to give them a bit of broader appeal.

Pirates x 6

Pirates x 6

We'll get these into some moulds and should have them ready for release in the New Year.

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Humber Pig & ZSU-57 Released from Pendraken Miniatures

We've got some more additions to our Modern vehicles range with the Humber Pig and ZSU-57-2 released and ready to buy!

The Humber Pig was a lightly armoured truck used by the British army from the 1950's through to the early 1990's.  With around 1700 produced, this vehicle is probably best known for its usage in Northern Ireland in the 1970's.  There were also some quite fun conversions, including the Holy Pig (rooftop hatch with perspex screen), Squirt Pig (water cannon), Flying Pig (extending riot screens) and Kremlin Pig (wire screens for RPG protection)!

The ZSU-57-2 was a self-propelled anti-air gun built on a modified T-54 chassis.  Developed in the mid-1950's and still in use today, over 2000 of these were produced and saw action in Vietnam, Yom Kippur, Yugoslavia and the Gulf War.  They were still in use during the recent Syrian Civil War as well.

Modern Vehicles

MDV64    Humber Pig      £2.95

MDV64    Humber Pig

MDV65    ZSU-57-2      £3.50

MDV65    ZSU-57-2

Next up is those Napoleonic Dutch-Belgians, should be ready before we head off to Warfare!

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Project Update #1: Mythos of Legends Kickstarter, brought to you by The World of Lardello

Project Update #1: Mythos of Legends Kickstarter, brought to you by The World of Lardello

Hey everybody,

Thanks to all who have backed so far. We've had some valuable feedback that lots of you would like to see the other factions sooner, so we've taken that on board and rearranged our stretch goals. The base funding level hasn't changed, but now you should see that if we hit £15K the first releases for the Egyptians and Pagans will come in (pushing back the additional Greeks and Romans who were there before) and at £20K we launch the Eldritch Abominations.

We hope you're all as excited about that as we are!

Mythos of Legends
The World of Lardello

Project Update #3-1: 10mm Celtic Warrior Army Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures

Project Update #3-1: 10mm Celtic Warrior Army Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures

New pledge item added to my kickstarter Celtic warrior army. I am now stocking the Mortem et Gloriam ruleset so thought I would make a complete package.

Pledge £90 or more
Armies and rule package
Celtic army + Marian Roman army consisting of 10 units of 24 Legionnaires includes command 1 unit of 6 cavalry. Julius Caesar and Mark Antony both mounted. Plus a complete set of Mortem et Gloriam rules includes dice and cards

Mortem et Gloriam

Lancer Miniatures

12mm Leopard 1 from Butlers Printed Models

One German Leopard 1. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

The Leopard (or Leopard 1) is a main battle tank designed and produced in West Germany that first entered service in 1965. Developed in an era when HEAT warheads were thought to make conventional heavy armour of limited value, the Leopard focused on firepower in the form of the German-built version of the British L7 105mm gun, and improved cross-country performance that was unmatched by other designs of the era.

5 different variants are available:

Leopard 1A1 - Round turret
Leopard 1A1A1 - Round turret with turret armour
Leopard 1A1A2 - As 1A1A1 with image box
Leopard 1A3 - Square turret (also suitable as a Canadian Leopard C1 or Australian Leopard AS1)
Leopard 1A5 - Round turret with sights on top instead of the side bulges, turret armour.

Leopard 1

Leopard 1 picture 1

Leopard 1 picture 2

Leopard 1 picture 3

Leopard 1 picture 4

Leopard 1 picture 5

Leopard 1 picture 6

Leopard 1 picture 7

Leopard 1 picture 8

Leopard 1 picture 9

Leopard 1 picture 10

Leopard 1 picture 11

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

Saved! Three Tracts at Brandywine Battlefield

Saved! Three Tracts at Brandywine Battlefield

It gives me great pleasure to share an important victory with you: the American Battlefield Trust and its outstanding local partners have saved 105 acres at Brandywine Battlefield, the site of the largest land battle of the American Revolution.

These 105 acres have been preserved as the result of three separate fundraising efforts: 84 acres on Osborne Hill now under easement with Natural Lands, a 13-acre parcel in the battle’s epicenter acquired by the Brandywine Conservancy, and 7.5 acres acquired by East Bradford Township in the Strode's Mill Historic District.

On September 11, 1777, nearly 30,000 troops fought tooth and nail in the late-summer heat, in a battle that encompassed more than ten square miles. Though the Americans were outnumbered nearly 2-to-1 throughout the battle, they fought valiantly for 11 hours before retreating to fight another day.

Brandywine marked the first time the Marquis de Lafayette fought with Washington's army. Lafayette, an influential and idealistic French aristocrat, played an important role in lobbying King Louis XVI for financial and military support for the Patriot cause — I'm sure I don't have to tell you how critical French support was to the Revolution's success.

He also played an important part at Brandywine that day, directing Continental soldiers during a British attack and fighting until the end despite a painful wound in the calf. George Washington commended Lafayette's "bravery and military ardour," and recommended him to Congress for the command of a division. Lafayette would be fighting by Washington's side when American independence was effectively secured at Yorktown four years later.

Inscribed on the base of Lafayette Monument at Brandywine (near one of the tracts of land you helped save!), are the following words from Lafayette himself:

"The honor of having mingled my blood
with that of many other American
Soldiers, on the heights of the
Brandywine, has been to me a source
of pride and delight."

I hope you too will feel pride and delight knowing you've helped secure priceless acres of enormous significance. The Revolutionary War gave us the blueprint of our national identity, laying the groundwork for what America could become, and Brandywine was the place where America's citizen soldiers proved their mettle.

Visit our website to learn more about the 105 acres you helped preserve and the history that makes them so very precious. Thank you for everything you do to save the battlefields and stories of our nation's founding for future generations.

Need a refresher about where Brandywine fit into the full course of the American Revolution? Watch our Revolutionary War Animated Map to get the big

American Battlefield Trust

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Mythos of Legends Kickstarter, brought to you by The World of Lardello

Mythos of Legends is a brand new wargame of high strategy at a small scale, a melting pot of reality, legend and imagination that will all fit on your dining table! Take command of your chosen faction, Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, the warriors of Dark Ages Europe or Eldritch Abominations.

Mythos of Legends

A finely detailed 35mm scale deity model strides the Mythos Board, watching upon their mortal followers. The armies clash on the battlefield, 10mm scale soldiers and 15mm scale monsters and heroes of legend, fighting for the favour of the gods.

Deity Model

The novel, strategic game mechanics and varied scale of miniatures result in a wargames system which we believe occupies its own niche in the market.

How Dose It Work

2+ players
90 minutes to 3 hours play time
For all players 14+
Mythos of Legends is a tabletop wargame for two or more players, played using highly detailed metal miniatures.

The game features two distinct game boards – the battlefield where the soldiers fight their bloody battle and the mythos board where the gods manoeuvre for position and apply their influence. The mythos board is one of the main things that makes this game different. It’s a chessboard-like grid of four squares to a side, where each player places their deity model, which has a huge influence over how your army plays.

The game works entirely on four different stats, Wrath, Wisdom, Swiftness and Determination

The game works entirely on four different stats, Wrath, Wisdom, Swiftness and Determination, and the rolls you need to make on a six-sided die to pass your stat checks are determined entirely by which deity you pick – so choose carefully. The deity’s position on the board grants bonus dice to certain rolls and takes away from others, so you’d better position them wisely.

The gods can make divine interventions if they want to take a more hands-on role. On the battlefield, you secretly assign orders to your units in the form of tokens, then the players alternate activating units, revealing what order their unit has been given and carrying it out. This allows for a deep tactical experience, deciding which units are a higher priority to activate first in the turn, or whether you’re hoping for an enemy to move closer before you activate your cavalry to reveal that vital charge order. Success will always depend on great generalship on the battlefield, and shrewd use of your Deity’s position and abilities. Only a player who masters both will truly succeed.

The following GIFs demonstrate the core mechanics. They've all been given frame numbers in the bottom corner, in case you come to one halfway through. To start from the beginning, just open in a new tab.

The Turn starts by deciding who has Priority:

Then the Gods move about the Mythos Board to grant bonuses to their followers, and have the chance to make Divine Interventions:

The Orders Phase and Activations - Giving and Carrying Out a March Order:

What about charging? How do you fight?

 Finally, Resolution to end the turn.

What Do I Get

There's no fixed box. It's up to you which miniatures and factions you want.

At our base funding level, the Core Rulebook will be available as an A4 Hardback, with the following miniatures available for the Greek and Roman factions:

Base Funding Level Miniatures

If all of these models are going to be available, why can't I see them?

Simple - they haven't been sculpted yet. Part of the reason that we're using Kickstarter for this project is to fund the sculpting and mould making that we require to release a complete range. We've already commissioned a good number of models from our own funds - including a handful of models for stretch goal factions - which we think show the style and quality of the range. Those miniatures are the subject of the photos you see all over this project page. Here's a breakdown of the three model types, from the Greek faction:

Examples Of Miniature Types

 A selection of the metal miniatures with some sense of scale:

These models are being sculpted in the traditional fashion - by hand, in greenstuff before being cast in metal. Sculpting is ongoing - and will be for months if you back us to release the full range we'd like to. Here's some shots of the current work in progress:

Work In Progress Miniatures

The faction rules will be made available online so that we can update them as and when we need to in order to keep the game balanced. As we hit stretch goals, further models and factions will be unlocked! The stretch goal unlocks and a detailed composition of the army sets are shown further down the page. You don’t have to decide which models you want until the campaign is over, but if you want to check back and see which models have unlocked you always have the opportunity to change your pledge if new models are available that you want – and we hope you’ll want them because we think they’re pretty cool.

As we unlock models we’ll add them here for you to select as part of your pledge rewards or add as an Add-On. If you want any of these models as add-ons, simply add the listed price to your pledge amount. So, for example if you have selected the Table for Two pledge level at £125 GBP, which comes with two army sets of your choice, but you actually want three army sets, you'll need to go to the pledge manager and increase your pledge by the listed price of an army set - £50. So your pledge becomes £175.

For a great value Add-on, how about ordering some Reinforcements?

Add On Reinforcements

You'll be surveyed after the campaign ends to determine which models and sets you want to receive. We'll delay the survey as long as we can so that we can bring you photographs of the models as they're sculpted and cast, so that you can make a more informed choice about which ones you'd like. That's also the point where we'll figure out exactly what it will cost to ship your choices to you - see shipping prices further down the page.

So, what models will be available if the project reaches its initial funding goal?


Romans Deities

Roman Legends

Roman Army Republic


Greek Deities

Greek Legends

Greek Army Classical
Stretch Goals

The base funding level lets us launch the games with playable rosters for the Greek and Roman factions, but with more funding we can release even more miniatures and factions.

Stretch Goal £11

Stretch Goal £12

Stretch Goal £13

Stretch Goal £14

Stretch Goal £15

Stretch Goal £15

Stretch Goal £??


Due to the nature of our campaign letting you choose any variety of miniatures as pledge rewards and add-ons, we don't know at this stage just how much metal we'll be shipping to you. If we charged shipping at this stage, we'd have to put in a worst case figure, and nobody wants that.

So instead, your shipping charges will be calculated once you've made your choices of which miniatures you want to receive, based on the mass of the package.

We're aware that some potential backers are wary of projects where you have to pay the shipping fees at a later date, and we fully understand the concerns. That's why we're going to be upfront about them right here.

Our intention is to pick and pack your orders ourselves, and ship using GamesQuest. The price you pay will depend on your location and the total mass of the package or packages.

For a guide, see the following.

Shipping Estimates

Some of these prices may look high but please remember, these are heavy parcels being posted internationally.

How to estimate the weight of your order?

We anticipate the following approximate weights:

Core Rulebook 1kg
Army Set 500g
Deity or Large Legend 50g
Small Legend 30g
Please also bear in mind that the packaging itself will add a little bit of weight too.

The Elephant in the Room: Most of you will be aware that the UK is on course to leave the European Union in March 2019, which is earlier than we expect to fulfil this project. At the current moment in time it's not known what deal, if any, the UK Government will secure with the EU for their future relationship, or indeed what trade and customs relationships the UK will establish with the rest of the world.

You know as much as we do. We can't make any guarantees, however we will do whatever we can to make sure that you, our backers, don't lose out as a result of any increased fees.

While this may affect shipping your rewards and may affect us importing some of the ancillary items for this game, we have deliberately kept all manufacture of the miniatures within the UK and so consequently that aspect of production is unlikely to be affected.

Who Are We

 Before you back a project, you want to know more about the people that are trying to make it. We understand this, we get it. We would want to too.

The World of Lardello have been developing and playtesting the rules for Mythos of Legends for four years and counting. We’re a startup company founded by two friends with a shared love of miniatures and gaming, having first met at university a number of years ago that we don’t quite want to disclose because it makes us feel rather old.

Kris Costello & David Larder

Kris Costello (Lvl 11 Warlord / Lvl 9 Rogue) is the visionary games designer, with a gift for developing new and interesting systems. He’s the driving force behind Mythos of Legends, and a really friendly chap. When he’s not designing games, he’s an academic delivering lectures and working towards a PhD in strategic management.

David Larder (Lvl 12 Technomancer / Lvl 8 Bard) is the writer. An electronic design engineer by day, he uses his technical brain to refine everything that tumbles from Kris’ mind into a concise and watertight ruleset, while also turning his hand to graphics, layouts, music and whatever else is required.

But it takes more than a pair of rules writers and an army of playtesters to make a game. We’re pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Pendraken Miniatures to make this game come to life. Pendraken are an excellent miniatures manufacturer who have been working out of the North East of England for 25 years and counting, and will be familiar with anybody who has a passing interest in 10mm scale historical figures, and more besides.

While Pendraken are casting the miniatures, the original masters are being sculpted the traditional way, by hand in greenstuff by sculpting veteran Phil Lewis, with some models by Mark Evans.

The artwork that you see on this page - and will see in the rulebook - has been painted by our excellent artist Kayleigh Brown. The artwork is all physical in pencil, inks and acrylic paints, and photographed at a high resolution for inclusion online and in print.

Risks and challenges

As a first time project creator intending to deliver a physical product we are well aware of a host of issues we could face in delivering our game.

We have been working towards launching this game for four years now. We're happy that the rules are tight, refined and focused, so we don't anticipate any problems with delivering you a quality ruleset.

During that time we've also investigated many ways of getting this game off the ground, including considering manufacturing ourselves and working with various partners to provide us with the skills that we lack. We've settled into some good productive relationships with parties that we trust to provide us with the services that we need, to a top-notch quality. We really do believe that we have settled on the correct wider team to make this game and miniatures range happen.

Even so, there is always the risk that any of those suppliers could face issues which prevent them from delivering in a timely manner, from time or quality related delays with sculpting and casting to problems printing rulebooks and logistics issues getting it all to you on time. We believe that we are well equipped to deal with these situations, with a wide network of contacts that we can dip into to get things back on track if required.

Most importantly in terms of casting your models, by working with Pendraken Miniatures we have filled a vital cog in the machine with a respected and skilled company who have been casting high quality metal miniatures for 25 years.

Most importantly, we want this game to happen and to arrive in your hands even more than you do. This has been a labour of love, and it's one that we're determined to deliver.

Mythos of Legends
The World of Lardello