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12mm Italian Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car from Butlers Printed Models

One Italian WW2 Autoblinda AB.41 armoured car. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

The Autoblinda 40, 41 and 43 (abbreviated AB 40, 41 and 43) were Italian armoured cars produced by Fiat-Ansaldo and which saw service mainly during World War II. Most autoblinda were armed with a 20mm Breda 35 autocannon and a coaxial 8mm machine gun in a turret similar to the one fitted to the Fiat L6/40, and another hull mounted rear-facing 8 mm machine gun.

Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car

Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car picture 1

Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car picture 2

Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car picture 3

Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car picture 4

Autoblinda AB.41 Armoured Car picture 5

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

12mm Italian Carro Armato L3 Tankette from Butlers Printed Models

One Italian WW2 Carro Armato L3 tankette. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

The L3/35 or Carro Veloce CV-35 was an Italian tankette that saw combat before and during World War II. Although designated a light tank by the Italian Army, its turretless configuration, weight and firepower make it closer to contemporary tankettes.

Choose one of 3 variants:

L.3/33 armed with twin machine guns (essentially identical to L.3/35)
L3 cc armed with Solothurn 20 mm anti-tank rifle
L3 Lf flame tank with trailer

Carro Armato L3 Tankette

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 1

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 2

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 3

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 4

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 5

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 6

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 7

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 8

Carro Armato L3 Tankette picture 9

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

The Talon Games CAV III Kickstarter is a project to continue the expansion of our sci-fi line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures



Rewards Recognition Guide



Released in 2016, CAV: Strike Ops is an all-new edition of the classic game of combined arms warfare, CAV by Reaper Miniatures. Developed by Talon Games, CAV: Strike Ops is a tabletop game that requires miniatures and we need your help to bring more of these high-quality plastic figures to the existing line. This is our third Kickstarter to do so and with your continued support we hope to add as many new models as possible!

Why Are We Doing This

Thanks to our earlier Kickstarters we have already added over 70 new and updated models to the CAV: Strike Ops line and we are not ready to stop! Our customers are always looking to add to their existing forces but, while plastic is much cheaper than traditional metal figures, the molds to produce them are very, very expensive. Your support helps us get the molds made and in return, we are able to offer our backers first crack at these figures for a fantastic deal!

So you're in luck! With our earlier projects we have only begun to scratch the surface of what's possible. We have many more models that we think deserve to be added to the CAV: Strike Ops line, both new sculpts and classic updated favorites. We’d like to see if you think so, too!

What's In It For Me

Why miniatures of course! Lots and lots of plastic miniatures! After two Kickstarters, we think we know what our customers are looking for. A simple Core Set with the potential to grow as we hit planned stretch goals. Our Core Set starts off with 32 CAV models and once we hit our initial funding goal, we will start to add even more CAVs (big, stompy robots), armored vehicles, aircraft, and whatever else we may have planned to make the value of your pledge grow! All we need is your support!

Let's Talk Plastic

CAV: Strike Ops miniatures are cast in a high-quality, gray-colored pvc plastic. This allows the figure to have some "give" (to minimize damage during storage or play) while maintaining excellent detail and an easy to paint surface structure.

But why plastic? It really comes down to cost. Each year the cost of the metal used to produce the older figures rises at an astronomical amount. Figures that only ten years ago retailed for under $10 now cost $30 (or more). CAV: Strike Ops is a game that tries to put as many figures out there as possible in the time allotted and the cost associated with that philosophy was just not feasible. We think we have found the right product to offer you that maintains the detail and easy use at an extremely reasonable price.

Make sure to check out the following video from CAVBoss as he shows the versatility of the CAV: Strike Ops plastic miniatures line.

(Plastic Video)

Shipping Information

Please Take Note

Sales Tax: We will be charging Kansas backers state sales tax (Kansas only). Talon Games is a Kansas-based company and it's something we just have to do.

Shipping: Starting with this kickstarter, we will begin charging shipping to ALL of our backers, regardless of which country you live in. We will charge shipping after the campaign concludes in order to be as fair as possible to all of our backers, as most shipping is not a "one size fits all" sort of deal. This decision was not made lightly but was made to avoid a general pledge cost increase.

It is our intention to ship from four shipping hubs in an effort to save you money in regards to any duties, tariffs and fees that may be required. At this time, all US-based backers (and Central/South America) will ship from our location outside Wichita, KS. Canadian orders will ship from Brantford, Ontario, while UK and Europe will ship from the Nottingham UK hub (Reaper Miniatures/RHQ Zombie Co). Finally, the hub in Sydney, Australia (Aetherworks) will ship to Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of Asia.

NOTE: Any pledges that are finalized after the pledge manager deadline will be shipped from the Wichita, KS location and may be subject to increased shipping, duty and delivery costs. Also, due to the logistics of world-wide shipping, it is impossible for us to guarantee that all pledges will arrive to all backers simultaneously or even within a few days/weeks of each other.

Based on past projects, we are providing a rough estimate on shipping costs for an "average" Core Set pledge. Your actual cost may vary based on your actual selections or future changes in world-wide shipping rates.

USA (and territories): $15-$25, Canada: $25-$35, Central/South America: $55-$75, Europe: $25-$40, Asia: $35-$45, AU/NZ/Pacific: $25-$45, Africa: $65-$85, Middle East: $65-$85, Russia/Balkans: $75-$95.

Dropship Crew Special

Custom T-shirt

Images are for demonstration only. Final production items may change.

Stretch Goals


The CAV: Strike Ops Quick-Start rules provide a basic overview of the game universe and mechanics, allowing two or more players to jump right into the action. They are an easy way to help you learn the base concepts involved while playing your first game. Centered around the Dictator-B CAV, players will each play one of the feared Rach Empire machines as they pilot it into combat! Model cut-outs and data cards are included for play.

Quick Start Rules Free PDF

So Rob over at Rob's Tabletop World sits down to paint the Adon Enforcer, a new model from the last KS that features the new molding/plastic density we will be using for this batch and showing off some of our Reaper-produced CAV HD paints as well! Check it out! Runtime is approximately 87 minutes.

Risks and challenges


For this project, the risks and challenges fall into three categories:

We have already completed two successful Kickstarters and are fully aware of the pitfalls projects like this can contain. Two things that could cause the non-completion of this Kickstarter are either the loss of our inbound shipments (due to an act of God, pirates or war), or a massive disaster (fire, flood) that would level our facility. Either of those events might be disastrous, however we carry full insurance on our facility and insure every shipment, no matter the size, against loss and damage.

While either of the above scenarios would obviously create delays in meeting our estimated delivery dates, we have learned a lot from our previous kickstarter experiences. Delays are simply part of the cycle of business and it is our wisdom, training, and experience that would help us mitigate and work through any that may occur. Some delays are easy to solve while others are simply out of our control. When producing anything in China, production ques, inspections by government entities, and problems in overseas shipping can be a regular occurrence. While we do everything possible to avoid these, we will make sure to update you as soon as possible should they occur.

There is the risk we will not produce a specific model shown during the campaign. This will only occur if there is not enough interest in a specific model measured by the number of backers that actually pledge for it verses the cost to produce it. This event has never occurred in any of our previous Kickstarters, but is nonetheless still a risk. In the event this situation develops you will have plenty of time to adjust your Pledge Manager.

We reserve the right to modify any models offered to meet final production requirements.
In summary, we have the ability to work through just about any problem and we will do our best to make sure this is an exciting and fun project for all!

While it is our policy to not honor refund requests after the close of the campaign in regards to issues outside of our control, we will review any request made within the first 14 days after the end of the live campaign on a case by case basis. After that, no refunds will be allowed so we can make sure to fulfill the rewards promised to our other backers, promises in part made based on the funds you pledged.

By pledging to this project, you are aware that the final look, materials and content of any rewards are subject to change and may differ substantially from what was presented during the "live" campaign.

If you do not log in and confirm your pledge in the CAV Pledge Manager after being notified of it's final closing date (via Kickstarter Update), you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after the date has elapsed.

Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics. If you confirm your pledge late (after the designated date) some items may not be available. This means that part, if not all, of your rewards may not be available and/or your pledge may be forfeit.

You are responsible for all fees associated with the transit and acceptance by you to complete delivery. These include, but are not limited to: import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant and taxing authorities, VAT and GST due and delivery acceptance, brokerage and collection charges.

You are required to provide correct email and address information and ensure both are deliverable by normal methods before your rewards are shipped.

You must have your address correct and up to date in the CAV Pledge Manager when we announce the beginning of shipping. You may change it at any time until that time. There may be a shipping surcharge associated with changing addresses after shipping has begun.

Rewards returned to us as undeliverable for ANY reason will be shipped again at the backer's request, postage prepaid by the Backer.



Talon Games

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Update and Releases from Aotrs Shipyards

Not great news, unfortunately – immaterial was looking promising, and then I was just starting to get the shop setup when it told me you can only sell things you’ve printed there. And at the expense of printing a half-dozen or so of every model in the entire Shipyards… I could buy several printers and pay someone to set up a website for me…! (And that is well outside my current funding.)


Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands. At the moment...

So, update.

The test prints from imaterialise arrived today, and are of adequate quality (i.e. they aren't inferior to other print houses for the same material).



BTR-80A WSF Sprue

BTR-80A WSF Sprue

The pricing is definitely competitive with Shapeways; though until I actually work out my mark up would be and other factors, I'm not prepared to elucidate more specifically.

There are a few provisos. One, imaterialise has a floor price model (which maybe what Shapeways is trying to do), which means that, practically, things will have to be sprued together to get the most out of your money - and they require 3 mm sprues, not 2mm, which means that the six BTR-80As here have proven to be difficult to get off the sprue.

Two, and more problematically, something I discovered while starting up the shop process (as a back-up/addition to Shapeways)... They only allow you to sell something you have already printed. Which is kinda of a major problem (imagine having to basically re-buy the entire Shipyards range AGAIN and in groups of three-to-four - at that point, it'd be cheaper to buy a new printer and do it myself), and disappointing. I'm making inquiries.

So, I am having another look at Scuplteo, but the prices there are already higher than Shapeways; though single models appear more viable, the one I checked was about 9 euros (by the time I have added my mark-up) instead of 7.5 euros at Shapeways currently. So, not a good alternative, either.

The initial indication is, for the same BTR sprue, they are more expensive. (I can't check against Shapeways, since, hilariously, the file is too large for their software - that's not going to basically cause problems for anyone who wants to keep using them, is it...?)

At the moment, the [i]Shapeways Shipyards hasn't been affected by the price change yet[/i] - but as I won't be notified when it is, it could be at any day.

Thus, in the short- to mid-term, it might have to be that I will have to take orders on an ad-hoc basis (in the short term, via  the current channels) and then either:

1) Print it myself on the Replicator 2/additional printer bought for that explicit purpose (which would mean the cost would be a lot cheaper for you, I'd get more profit, but turnaround would be "when it is done") and Paypal invoice

2) If WSF was requested, make up a specific file for that order and print it A N Print house (imaterialise or elsewhere) and then ship it to you again and Paypal invoice you. (The problem with THAT is, if I cannot have the package delivered from them to you, you'd have to pay postage twice.

3) For those who don't like WSF higher detail, there may possibly be an option to get printed with someone who kindly made an offer using an optical resin printer (they are going to try one of the models when they get chance and get back to me).

(The price changes look like they are coming, since at least one forum poster there reported that, yes, they have been told more or less explicitly that Shapeways doesn't want the model business, because they don't make enough money or small parts and "hope you find somewhere else.")

Option one and two you can consider open, effectively immediately; just contact me via the available channels. At the moment, the best channels are my email (if you already have it) or Shapeways PM (ironically) (or pretty much any forum with a PM system open for anyone to use (not here, then, sadly!) if you happen to see me on - I'm Aotrs Commander pretty much everywhere!)

I will have to look *sigh* into some sort of social media - possible Facebook - page that has a suitable private mail system with which I can pass along my email address on request (which in the short- to mid-term will be necessary for Paypal invoices and whatnot).

I will also take the opportunity to say that I am still open for commissions, the standard price for a new moderns vehicle (which grants you shared rights to the file so you can print the model yourself however and wherever you like) is £50.

So, with that said, while Shapeways *is* still a viable option, I will continue to make releases (not like I have much option at this point!), so this month's release is the Chinese ZBD-03 in 144th scale.

 MG144-CH04 ZBD-03 IFV (aka ZLC-2000)


Photo is of the Replicator 2 prototype.

Next month's release is - pending the priceapocalypse - likely to be either the Luchs (as designed by UshCha) or the BRDM-1. (I am also working on a Toyota Hilux technical presently.) But for the moment, it is, I'm afraid, a case of keeping you posted as the situation develops.

We will be attending ChillCon in Derby this weekend (in lieu of the Worlds); we'll see how that goes!

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

Monday, 17 September 2018

10mm Russian T-34s from Lancer Miniatures

Lancer Miniatures growing range of war figures and vehicles.

T-34 Model 1940 comes with separate fuel tanks to add or not

T-34 1940 comes with separate fuel tanks to add or not

T-34 Model 1941

T-34 Model 1941/42

T-34 Model 1941/42

T-34-85 Model 1944

T-34-85 Model 1944

Lancer Miniatures

On This Evening in 1862: Remembering Antietam

On This Evening in 1862: Remembering Antietam

On the eve of September 16, 1862, two armies prepare for battle near the small town of Sharpsburg, Maryland. General Robert E. Lee's army invaded Maryland earlier in the month with the hope of winning the state for the Confederacy, demoralizing the Union and perhaps gaining European recognition in the bargain. The invasion hasn't gone as Lee planned, but he decides not to give up without a fight. He has 21,000 men to General George B. McClellan's 60,000, but reinforcements are on the way. Tomorrow, September 17, Lee's army will stand against the Union.

McClellan has been studying Lee's numbers and positions for two days. Despite his careful reconnaissance, McClellan reports to Washington a gigantic Rebel army "amounting to not less than 120,000 men," outnumbering his own army "by at least twenty-five per cent." He's commanded the Union army for nearly a year, but this will be the first and last time he'll command his army in battle on this scale. 

Confederate General Lafayette McLaws marches his hungry, weary men to Sharpsburg, during the night, losing about a third of his force to straggling. They arrive before daylight, bringing Lee's force to about 35,000 men. The armies are ready as they'll ever be...

This is part 1 in a 3-part series on Antietam. Look for parts 2 and 3 of the battle in your inbox tomorrow.

Getting to Antietam: Lee's Maryland Campaign

National Park Service veteran and historian Scott Hartwig describes the events that led to Antietam – the bloodiest single-day battle on American soil. Learn about the strategy behind Lee's Maryland Campaign, President Lincoln's reaction and the twist of fate that changed the course of the war.

Civil War In4: Robert E Lee

Son of George Washington's preeminent cavalry commander during the Revolutionary War. Second in his class at West Point. Living historian Frank Orlando describes the life and accomplishments of the Confederate army's revered commander, Robert E. Lee.

Biography of George B. McClellan

George Brinton McClellan is often remembered as the great organizer of the Union Army of the Potomac. Learn more about the man who commanded the Union army at Antietam in our biography of "Little Mac."

Video: Battle of South Mountain

Before the pivotal Battle of Antietam, there was the Battle of South Mountain. The Trust's own Garry Adelman recounts the events that paved the way for the brutal fighting at Sharpsburg just three days later.

American Battlefield Trust

On this Afternoon in 1862: One Last Confederate Hope at Sharpsburg

On this Afternoon in 1862: One Last Confederate Hope at Sharpsburg

While the battle has been raging west of Antietam Creek, General Ambrose Burnside has waited sullenly on the creek's east side for General George McClellan's permission to enter the fray. Finally, the order arrives, and Burnside sets about getting his men across the water. He plans to force a crossing with most of his troops at a stone bridge and send the remainder to cross at a ford downstream. After two attempts to cross the bridge under close-range enemy fire, the third one succeeds. Now, 10,000 men cross the bottleneck. It takes them 2 hours.

Around 3 p.m., the bulk of Burnside's men are across the creek. Burnside makes strong progress against Lee's right flank until suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Confederate General A.P. Hill's "Light Division" emerges on the Union left flank and rear. Hill's men have charged directly into battle after marching 17 miles from Harper's Ferry. At that moment, Burnside is on the cusp of victory; he has the spires of Sharpsburg in his sights, but with his forces in danger, he pulls back to the bridge—a bridge that will forever bear his name. By sunset, some 23,000 men are casualties of this single day of fighting. 3,654 Americans are dead - more than at Pearl Harbor, on D-Day, or on 9/11.

Both armies tend their wounded, consolidate their lines and skirmish through the following day. McClellan writes to his wife, "Those in whose judgment I rely tell me that I fought the battle splendidly & that it was a masterpiece of art." The night of the 18th, Lee's army retreats across the Potomac River to Virginia. While the Battle of Antietam is considered a draw from a military point of view, it gives President Lincoln the "victory" he needs to deliver the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, setting the United States on the path to "a new birth of freedom."

Antietam Today

If you visit Antietam National Battlefield Park today, you can see the Dunker Church, Burnside's Bridge and the Sunken Road. Thanks to our generous supporters, the American Battlefield Trust has been able to preserve 461 acres of hallowed ground at Antietam. With the help of our local partner, Save Historic Antietam Foundation, much of this land has been fully restored. While many parts of the battlefield have barely changed since they witnessed these brutal events 156 years ago, more preservation work remains to be completed, and the Trust will continue to make Antietam a top priority.

This is part 3 in a 3-part series on Antietam.

Ready to See Antietam for Yourself?

If you're inspired to explore the beautifully preserved Antietam National Battlefield, our one-day itinerary can help you make the most of your time. From the Cornfield to the Dunker Church to Burnside's Bridge and beyond, this tour includes all the most significant and compelling features of these hallowed grounds.

The Full Battle of Antietam - Animated

Want the really short version? The Trust's own Garry Adelman provides an overview of the 1862 Maryland Campaign and the Battle of Antietam - the bloodiest single day of the war - in just a little over two minutes.

Civil War In4 - Emancipation Proclamation

The Emancipation Proclamation would forever change the lives and prospects of millions of slaves. Historian Hari Jones describes the series of events that led President Abraham Lincoln to issue this pivotal document.

McClellan at Antietam
The Union declared victory at Antietam, yet General George McClellan was relieved of his command just seven weeks later. Find out why McClellan succeeded in not losing the battle, but failed to win it, in this article by historian and author Stephen Sears.

American Battlefield Trust

On this Day in 1862: The Battle of Antietam Is Raging

On this Day in 1862: The Battle of Antietam Is Raging

The battle begins at first light of morning with an attack from General Joseph Hooker's Union First Corps, heading south against Lee's left flank toward the Dunker Church. The troops face heavy resistance from General "Stonewall" Jackson's forces. Just as Union troops begin to make progress, they're driven back by General John Bell Hood's powerful counterattack. Assisted by Twelfth Corps reinforcements, Union forces finally make it to the Dunker Church and hold a position deep within Confederate lines, but a Confederate counterattack in the West Woods and other factors convince McClellan to stand firm where he is.

It's mid-morning and fighting has shifted south, where veteran Confederate troops under General D.H. Hill hold a defensive position in a sunken road. When Union soldiers under General William "Blinky" French attack, 1,700 of them are killed and wounded before reinforcements arrive. At 10:30 am, French's division is reinforced by General Israel Richardson, and Lee sends the last of his local reserves under General Richard H. Anderson.

Amid the chaos and bloodshed, Union forces gain a position that allows them to shoot down the sunken road. An officer accidentally shouts, "about face" and the Confederates begin to fall back, weakening Lee's center. With horrendous Union casualties, small but desperate Confederate counterattacks and the wounding of General Richardson, Union troops are on the defensive here as well.  Some 5,600 men have been killed, wounded, or captured at what will come to be known as the Bloody Lane.

By 1:30 pm, the battle has claimed 17,500 casualties. But it's not over...

This is part 2 in a 3-part series on Antietam. Look for part 3 of the battle in your inbox this afternoon.

Your Antietam Pocket Tour Guide

The Antietam Battle App® is the perfect touring partner for your exploration of the Antietam battlefield. Our GPS-enabled application will guide you to all the historic spots on this 1862 Civil War battlefield. Onboard historian videos, audio accounts of soldiers from the battle, photos, orders of battle, chronologies, key facts, and more are just a click away.

Video: Antietam and the 1862 Maryland Campaign

Want the really short version? The Trust's own Garry Adelman provides an overview of the 1862 Maryland Campaign and the Battle of Antietam - the bloodiest single day of the war - in just a little over two minutes.

Greene's Brave Moment at Dunker Church

For nearly two hours, two brigades of General George S. Greene's division held a salient deep within the Confederate lines at Sharpsburg, Md. Unfortunately, the soldiers' sacrifice was for naught. Read a play-by-play of the Federal attack that almost broke Lee's left flank on the morning of the Battle of Antietam.

Civil War In4: Civil War Battlefield Preservation

How did battlefields like Antietam get so well-preserved? Timothy B. Smith, an author and professor at the University of Tennessee, gives a brief overview of the history of preserving Civil War history and battlefields.

American Battlefield Trust

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Sculpting Update, The Unseen from Laran Miniatures

So, I have been busy sculpting.

Sculpting Update picture 1

Sculpting Update picture 2

Sculpting Update picture 3

Sculpting Update picture 4

Sculpting Update picture 5

Thanks a lot.


Laran Miniatures

Join Us Live from Chickamauga and Chattanooga

Many of you have asked us to show off some western Civil War sites for our next “Battlefield Live” event, and we listened. The American Battlefield Trust education team is heading west to the battlefields of Chickamauga and Chattanooga on Sept. 18, 19 and 20, as we bring you virtually to the must-see sites associated with these famous actions.

Chickamauga, known to many as the “Gettysburg of the West,” stands as the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War.  For three days, the armies of Generals Braxton Bragg and William Rosecrans grappled with each other in north Georgia. In the end, Bragg earned his one-and-only major battlefield victory as Rosecrans’ Federal army was sent reeling back to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

At Chattanooga, the Union Army of the Cumberland found itself in a desperate situation—a river and inhospitable terrain to its rear, and a determined enemy in its front. Yet, the Federals endured. A new Union commander, a sense of renewed determination, and a little bit of luck conspired to thwart the Confederates as they looked to recapture the vital rail center at Chattanooga.

Experience the story of these two epic battles with us live on Facebook. We will visit the banks of West Chickamauga Creek, trek across Snodgrass Hill, experience the “Battle Above the Clouds,” and take you to out-of-the-way sites in between.

Please join us and learn how these two battles reshaped the combatants’ respective war efforts, and how they influenced strategy in 1864. Tune in via the American Battlefield Trust Facebook page for this exclusive Battlefield Live event throughout Sept. 18, 19 and 20.

If you can’t join us, don’t worry! You can watch the program later, on our Facebook page or on the "Battlefield Live" playlist on our YouTube channel.

Are you curious about what happens during a Battlefield Live? This video offers a look at some of our live events, from Antietam to Alcatraz! 

American Battlefield Trust

Better is the Proud Plaid: The Clothing, Weapons, and Accoutrements of the Jacobites in the '45

Better is the Proud Plaid: The Clothing, Weapons, and Accoutrements of the Jacobites in the '45

One of the most celebrated moments in Scottish history, the Jacobite Rising of 1745 is often romanticised. Drawing on the work of historians and a wide range of contemporary sources, this book seeks to strip away some of the myths surrounding the Jacobite's and the Highland army by looking at what they really wore, what they fought with, and what items they used to show their allegiance to the Prince and the Jacobite cause. Prince Charles Edward Stuart's army and the Jacobite's are examined in detail from their clothes, weapons, and material culture.

This lavishly-illustrated book will appeal to anyone interested in the Jacobite Risings: reenactors, wargamers, fans of Outlander, and the Scottish diaspora who, thanks to a growing interest in family history, are keen to know more about their Scottish heritage.

The Lilies and The Thistle: French Troops in the Jacobite '45'

The Lilies & The Thistle: French Troops in the Jacobite '45'

The Jacobite Rising of 1745 could not have taken place without French support. French ships carried Charles Edward Stuart to Scotland, French gold financed his campaign, and French weapons equipped many of his troops. Yet the actual French military contribution to the campaign was small, and its role is frequently neglected.

This book seeks to redress this balance by looking in detail at the French military contribution to the Jacobite ’45: the first detachment of troops to sail with the Prince – who instead of landing in Scotland found themselves caught up in an intense naval battle; the staff officers and professionals who helped Charles organise his army on modern European lines; and the Irish and Scots regulars who fought with distinction at Inverurie, Falkrik, and Culloden.

As with many aspects of the ’45, myths and misconceptions aplenty have arisen about the nature and significance of the French contribution. New archival research enables a better picture to be obtained than ever before of the men who made up the rank and file of this contingent, and of the background and fates of those who led them. New analysis is offered, too, as to details of the uniforms worn by the detachments serving in Scotland, re-considering existing sources and also bringing out new information.

Taken together, the result is to fill an important gap in our understanding of these dramatic events, one of the last occasions that foreign troops fought on British soil.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The US Army in Europe (USAREUR) from Timecast

The US Army in Europe (USAREUR) range will feature 10mm scale infantry and support troops in the Kevlar PASGT helmet, and armed with the latest 80s technology such as the M240 GPMG, TOW and Dragon anti-tank systems, Stinger SAMs and M203 grenade launchers.

The models are almost ready to go into production moulds.

US Army in Europe

The US Army in Europe (USAREUR) from Timecast

The initial batch of vehicles should follow shortly and will include the M1 Abrams (105mm gun version) and several variants of the M113 APC.