Monday, 1 January 2018

Books Bought, 2018

Books Bought, 2018

This is an attempt for me to actually record how much I spend in a year on books, so if I can keep up adding stuff to it, it will be interesting to add it all up in December. I've also done the same for wargaming figures & scenery

  1. Gebirgsjäger vs Soviet Sailor: Arctic Circle 1942–44 by David Greentree and Johnny Shumate
  2. £8.99

  1. Victory at Stalingrad by Geoffrey Roberts
  2. £2.55
  1. Stalingrad: The Defeat of the German 6th Army by Paul Carell
  2. £9.99
  1. Island of Fire: The Battle for the Barrikady Gun Factory in Stalingrad by Jason Mark 
  2. £32.02
  1. Two Soldiers, Two Lost Fronts: German War Diaries of the Stalingrad and North Africa Campaigns by Don A. Gregory & Wilhelm R. Gehlen.
  2. £4.46
  1. Emperor: The Gods of War, by Conn Iggulden, Audio Book
  2. £3.73
  1. Turning Point: Recollections of Russian Participants and Witnesses of the Stalingrad Battle by Popov, Petr Pavlovich
  2. £17.93
  1. Russian Infantry Weapons of World War II by A. J Barker & John Walter
  2. £5
  1. The Epic Story of Stalingrad by Hutchinson & co publisher
  2. £3.89
  1. The Drive on Moscow, 1941: Operation Taifun and Germany's First Great Crisis of World War II by Niklas Zetterling, Anders Frankson, Audio Book 
  2. £9.94
  1. Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45 by Max Hastings, 6 Disc Audio Book 
  2. £7.99
  1. Stalingrad: The City that Defeated the Third Reich by Jochen Hellbeck 
  2. £8.67
  1. Stalingrad Inferno - The Infantryman's War by Gordon Rottman,‎ Ronald Volstad 
  2. £8.00
  1. The Eastern Front in Photographs by John Erickson 
  2. £2.84
  1. Last Letters From Stalingrad by Anthony Powell 
  2. £11.90
  1. From the Fire of Stalingrad by Ljubov Sladkova-Avetisian 
  2. £5.24
  1. From Stalingrad to Pillau: A Red Army Artillery Officer Remembers the Great Patriotic War by Isaak Kobylyanskiy 
  2. £9.08
  1. Army Group South: Wehrmacht in Russia, 1941-45 by Werner Haupt 
  2. £16.00