Saturday, 13 October 2018

10mm Celtic Warrior Army Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures

10mm Celtic Warrior Army Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures

As a follow on from my Caesarian kickstart, now we have one of the classic enemies of Rome.


Many of you will know me from my 10mm ECW kickstarter, but I also have a range of 10mm Napoleonics and WW2 on my website at Lancer Miniatures, We have now decided, its time to turn the clock back, to the great time of Rome and there enemies, and of course one of there most famous enemies the Celts led by Vercingetorix and there crushing defeat at Alesia, time for you to change history.  As usual you will get the figures before they are listed on my website (in fact we don't list anything until all pledges are posted) and at the special price. My usual sculptor is doing these figures for me so no surprises, just look at the Romans he has done for me, I make my own moulds and do my own casting so this kickstarter is to help with costs to my sculptor, nothing else.

Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges, well there shouldn't be any. Martin has made masters for me for eight years now, and mould making and casting is all in house. In the past pledges have been posted within weeks of the kickstarter finishing.

Lancer Miniatures

Friday, 12 October 2018

1/144 Ground Crew Member 3 from Heroes Models

Ground crew member in standing position with toolbox

Ground Crew Member 3

Ground Crew Member 3

Heroes Models

New World War Art Picture

New Hungarian Tanks from Lancer Miniatures

New Hungarian Tanks from Lancer Miniatures

World War II Hungarian

SKU: kj0219/93 Toldi 1

SKU: kj0219/93 Toldi 1

SKU: KJ0220/93 Toldi 2

SKU: KJ0220/93 Toldi 2

SKU: kj0221/93 Toldi 2a

SKU: kj0221/93 Toldi 2a

Lancer Miniatures

New WW1 Serbians from Kallistra

We have just released the first 6 packs of WW1 Serbians. Now available to order on the Kallistra website.

World War 1 - Early War Serbian

WW1-SB01 Serbian Infantry Advancing inc. Command - (32 figures + 4 bases) £6.00

WW1-SB01 Serbian Infantry Advancing inc. Command - (32 figures + 4 bases)

WW1-SB02 Serbian Infantry Firing & Loading inc. Command - (32 figures + 4 bases) £6.00

WW1-SB02 Serbian Infantry Firing & Loading inc. Command - (32 figures + 4 bases)

WW1-SB03 Serbian Heavy Machine Gun and Crew - (6 Guns and crews + 6 bases) £6.00

WW1-SB03 Serbian Heavy Machine Gun and Crew - (6 Guns and crews + 6 bases)

WW1-SB04 Serbian Cavalry - (16 Figures + 4 Bases) £6.00

WW1-SB04 Serbian Cavalry - (16 Figures + 4 Bases)

WW1-SB05 Serbian Field Gun and Crew - (4 Guns and crews + 4 bases) £6.00

WW1-SB06 Serbian Command - (Approx 25 Figs) £6.00

WW1-SB06 Serbian Command - (Approx 25 Figs)

WW1-SB07 Serbian Casualties - (32 Figures + Bases) £6.00

WW1-SB07 Serbian Casualties - (32 Figures + Bases)


The Lewis House (Portici) from Buildings in Turmoil

First time print and looking splendid The Lewis House (Portici), used by Genl. Johnston to direct troops during 1st Manassas. The building no longer stands but was able to extrapolate from a picture, sketch, and archaeological information.

The Lewis House (Portici)

The Lewis House (Portici) picture 1

The Lewis House (Portici) picture 2

The Lewis House (Portici) picture 3

The Lewis House (Portici) picture 4

Buildings in Turmoil

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Painted Version of our 10mm Gatehouse from Battlescale Wargame Buildings

Ok folks, today I’m offering this ready painted version of our 10mm Gatehouse piece to all our Facebook followers.

This piece was painted up for photography so what you see here is the actual piece you’ll get!
If you’re interested then please message me with your offer (offers over the unpainted cost of £9.95 please) or email me at battlescale@yahoo.com

Offer closes tomorrow (12th October ) at noon (GMT) and the successful bidder will be notified via email or PM.

10mm Gatehouse

10mm Gatehouse picture 1

10mm Gatehouse picture 2

10mm Gatehouse picture 3

10mm Gatehouse picture 4

10mm Gatehouse picture 5

Please note that any postage cost will be charged accordingly.

Battlescale Wargame Buildings

Project Update #7: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

Project Update #7: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

Well here we are with 10 days to go on the current campaign and I wanted to address where we are at the moment.

When I sat down and planned this campaign I had hoped we would be able to cover a lot more stretch goals early on and have a chance to offer a wider selection of models to appeal to backers who might not normally be looking for just "mechs." When that didn't happen I had to adjust accordingly and focus on what we as a company was trying to ultimately accomplish with this KS and that was to be able to offer more game-based models for people to play with.

That left the dropship though still on the horizon and how could we still work it in and not get in the way of adding other models? Unfortunately, within the confines of the current KS system, we don't have a way to let a backer pledge for this or that model or separate funds in any way. It's an all or nothing proposition.

With this system though, trying to accomplish both goals is just not feasible. I have tried several scenarios but they all end up at the same place, the two goals competing against one another and ultimately causing both to fail.

I had discussed setting the final stretch goal to the dropship at the end of the campaign but here is what I'm afraid will happen. The dropship is a $75K stretch goal. That's as lean and mean as I can make it for a model this size. By waiting till the end, we would be hoping to get those funds in the last couple of days. I'm not saying we can't but right now we are not trending that way. So, we have a big crash at the end as dropship-only backers cancel their pledge and money we might have gotten for extra models to go in the core set is gone as well, since we had stopped working on those. A definite catch-22!

Mea culpa part deux
As I've mentioned before, learning how a KS works is a "trial by fire" event that quickly takes on a life of its own. While this is our third, we tried new things that just haven't panned out. I am certainly not above admitting when something goes wrong and I do my best to jump in there, make the best of it and make corrections while making sure all of our backers are kept in the loop.

With that in mind I have decided that right now is not the best time to push for the dropship and stay centered on adding additional CAVs and vehicles to all of the models we already have opened up. This keeps the remaining campaign on track to add even more of those models to the mix.

So what about the dropship?
It will end up becoming part of a new KS focused on it. By doing so I think we can create a campaign that will be better overall to achieve it's success and can offer the model as a better value overall. While the delay is unfortunate, it is the best way going forward in my opinion.

Funding drop-off
Please be aware we do have backers that have already pledged to the campaign specifically for the dropship or added to what they had planned for getting the Core Force reward. After the release of this update I fully expect those funds to be withdrawn, but by getting this behind us now we can look to the remainder of the campaign to add what we can for the models we can achieve.

But there is a positive!!!
Never one for just doom and gloom (even though it is October) and as my way of backing up my "oops" moment, I am adding the Malvernian Pillager CAV to the Core Force as a BONUS reward!

So there you have it, for better or worse but at least we all know what we are working for going forward. I appreciate your support and hope we can finish strong!


Talon Games

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Not-Kickstarter from Pendraken Miniatures

Not-Kickstarter from Pendraken Miniatures

Several years ago, we used a not-Kickstarter method to produce a new range of Mongols, which went down rather well and helped us put the range into production.  Well we're back for another project and this time we're heading to the Napoleonic period!

We've had several requests for an expansion of our 1809 ranges and we've chatted previously about gathering enough support for us to get them sculpted.  So this project is designed to do just that.  Forum member Zippee (Martin) has really taken the lead on this and helped us put together all of the lists and provided all of the reference material ready for our sculptor to get started.

So how does it work?

- Below is a list of the prospective ranges we'll be putting together, with the code, a brief description of the contents, and the price.

- If you would be interested in any of these items, please check through the list, and work out what you would purchase.

- Make a post here, stating what you would buy, such as 2 x NHD1, 2 x NDW3, etc.

- We'll total up your order and add you to the pledge list.

- If we have hit our target by midnight on October 31st, everyone who has pledged will be invoiced for 50% of your order.  Our sculptor will be given the go-ahead and we'll get them done through Nov/Dec/Jan.  We'll then get them moulded and start sending out customer orders at the end of February 2019.  Everyone will be invoiced for the remaining 50% + shipping once their order is ready to go.

What's the target?

We're looking to raise purchases over £3000 in total to allow us to start production.  This money is purely to cover the sculpting costs, we would then take on the cost of moulding and casting the orders at this end.  The range would be sculpted by Tony Q, the same sculptor who has done all of our 1809 and 1812-15 Nap ranges, so they would match perfectly with those other figures.

If we break through our £3000 target, we will start to add some bonuses for everyone, such as limbers or civilian packs, some personalities maybe, or even a discount on everyone's orders.

The ranges:

Hesse Darmstadt
NHD1    Line/fusilier, march attack   £5.25
NHD2    Line/fusilier, firing line   £5.25
NHD3    Line/fusilier command   £5.25
NHD4    Mounted officers (5)    £1.75
NHD5    Chevaux-Legers   £5.25
NHD6    6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew (3)   £5.25
NHD7    7” Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew (3)   £5.25

NSA1    Line infantry, march attack   £5.25
NSA2    Line infantry, firing line   £5.25
NSA3    Line command   £5.25
NSA4    Grenadiers, inc. command   £5.25
NSA5    Schutzen, inc. command   £5.25
NSA6    Mounted officers (5)    £1.75
NSA7    Light cavalry   £5.25
NSA8    Hussars   £5.25
NSA9    8pdr guns (SYW) with crew (3)   £5.25
NSA10  8” Howitzers (SYW) with crew (3)   £5.25

Duchy of Warsaw
NDW1    Line/fusiliers, march attack   £5.25
NDW2    Line/fusiliers, firing line   £5.25
NDW3    Line/fusiliers command   £5.25
NDW4    Line Elites (Grenadier), march attack, inc. command (16)    £2.80
NDW5    Line Elites (Volt/Gren), firing line, inc. command (16)    £2.80
NDW6    Mounted officer (5)    £1.75
NDW7    Uhlans   £5.25
NDW8    Uhlan Elites (Cool    £2.80
NDW9    6pdr (SYW) with foot crew (3)   £5.25
NDW10   6pdr (SYW) with horse crew (3)   £5.25
NDW11   7” Howitzer (SYW) with foot crew (3)   £5.25
NDW12   7” Howitzer (SYW) with horse crew (3)   £5.25

NWU1    Line/fusilier, march attack   £5.25
NWU2    Line/fusilier, firing line   £5.25
NWU3    Line/fusilier command   £5.25
NWU4    Leichtes, inc. command   £5.25
NWU5    Mounted officers (5)   £1.75
NWU6    Grenadiers, inc. command   £5.25
NWU7    Jager, inc. command   £5.25
NWU8    Chevaux-Leger   £5.25
NWU9    Jager zu Pferd   £5.25
NWU10    6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew   £5.25
NWU11    12pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew   £5.25
NWU11    7pdr Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew   £5.25

All packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 foot, priced at £5.25 per pack, unless otherwise stated.

So, that's everything.  If there are any questions, just let us know and we'll get them answered.  And of course, please spread this around anyone that you think might be interested in these ranges and push them this way.  The more interest and purchases that we can get, the more chance that these figures will reach production!

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Pendraken Miniatures

1/144 Ground Crew Member 2 from Heroes Models

Ground crew member in standing position.

Ground Crew Member 2

Ground Crew Member 2

Heroes Models

Pictures Crew & Mortars from Warmonger Miniatures

I got the final green shots of the new crew and the mortars. I also commissioned the organ and volley guns from Bob this morning too. More pics to come.

Pictures Crew and Mortars

Pictures Crew and Mortars

Warmonger Miniatures

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

October 2018 Releases, Pt.1 from Armory Models Group

October 2018 Releases, Pt.1

AR14305 - 1/144 Messerschmitt Bf 109E "Mediterranean TO Aces"

AR14305 - 1/144 Messerschmitt Bf 109E "Mediterranean TO Aces"

AR14705 - 1/144 PAG-14 Soviet Modern Concrete Slabs set

AR14705 - 1/144 PAG-14 Soviet Modern Concrete Slabs set

AR AW14007 - 1/144 Tupolev Tu-22M2/m3 wheels, universal

AR AW14007 - 1/144 Tupolev Tu-22M2/m3 wheels, universal

AR AW14009 - 1/144 Mil Mi-6 Hook wheels, universal

AR AW14009 - 1/144 Mil Mi-6 Hook wheels, universal

AR AW14010 - 1/144 Yakovlev Yak-42D wheels, universal

AR AW14010 - 1/144 Yakovlev Yak-42D wheels, universal

AR AW14013 - 1/144 Mil Mi-26 Halo wheels, universal

AR AW14013 - 1/144 Mil Mi-26 Halo wheels, universal

AR AW14401 - 1/144 BAC TSR.2 wheels w/ weighted tires, universal

AR AW14401 - 1/144 BAC TSR.2 wheels w/ weighted tires, universal

Armory Models Group

Focke Achgelis Fa-223 Helicopter from Kampfflieger Models

I'm making 3d printed models in 1/144 of the Focke Achgelis Fa-223 helicopter.

Focke Achgelis Fa-223 Helicopter

Focke Achgelis Fa-223 Helicopter

Shapeways, Kampfflieger Models

Pictures Needed by Pendraken Miniatures

We've been asked by Helion & Co publishers to see if we can source any game shots of either 10mm ECW or 30 Years War games for a new set of rules they're putting together.

These need to be high-res images of nice game shots with good terrain and nicely painted figures if possible. Drop us an email if you can help with this.

Pendraken Miniatures

Monday, 8 October 2018

Saturday, 6 October 2018

TB Line Middle Age Eastern Europe Now Available from Pendraken Miniatures

We've got the next set of TB Line moulds completed so the Eastern European codes are now available again!

This range has 7 codes covering mounted command, cavalry and infantry with a nice mix of sculpts in each.  We've also come across some extra master sculpts while making these new moulds, so both the 'Heavy knights with lance' and 'Armed peasants' have got an extra pose which might not have been available previously.  The horses and riders are separate castings, usually rider + horse, but the light cavalry have got the legs moulded onto the horse with separate upper torso castings.

As with the previous release, these figures match up very well to our own.  We've not made any changes to the sculpts but they have been cleaned up for the new moulds and are much crisper castings.

TB Line Middle Age Eastern Europe

TB-181   Mounted command (15)   £5.50

TB-181   Mounted command (15)   £5.50

TB-182   Heavy knights with lance (15)    £5.50

TB-182   Heavy knights with lance (15)    £5.50

TB-183   Light cavalry (15)    £5.50

TB-183   Light cavalry (15)    £5.50

TB-184   Heavy infantry (30)    £5.50

TB-184   Heavy infantry (30)    £5.50

TB-185   Knights on foot (30)    £5.50

TB-185   Knights on foot (30)    £5.50

TB-186   Armed peasants (30)    £5.50

TB-186   Armed peasants (30)    £5.50

TB-187   Peasant archers (30)    £5.50

TB-187   Peasant archers (30)    £5.50

(Packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 infantry)

The next TB Line range to come online with be the Middle Age Islamics, so keep an eye out for those!

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Pendraken Miniatures

BRDM-1 from Aotrs Shipyards

Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com (at least until the end of 2018), a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands. Aotrs Shipyards also takes direct printing commissions.

Okay, so before the new pricing scheme comes in, one last release this month, the BRDM-1 at 144th. (Under normal circumstances, I might have had more variants, but with things being what they are, I simply haven't had any chances.)




Photo of Replicator 2 prototypes.

Shapeways' new pricing policy is coming into force on new models on October 22nd; models up by then (or at least models already up) will remain at their current prices until "2019" (which we assume to mean "1st January 2019"). So what happens next month depends on how much their prices increase, whether I hear back from my secondary plan.

Still playing a bit by ear, then, but at least I know the store can run as-is until the end of the year, at least.

I will again state that we are now open to printing commissions for direct printing of any Shipyards models, which will be significantly less in price compared to Shapeways.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

Tell Us More About Your Interests!

Tell Us More About Your Interests!

Our supporters mean the world to us but we don’t always know what your interests are. That’s why we created this brief survey to get to know you better. Mainly, we want to learn more about your passion for American history, preservation, what battlefield you like to visit, and if you or your ancestors have served in the military. We’ll use your answers to make our content and programming as relevant to your interests and priorities as possible.

All the information you provide will be kept confidential. And if you answer a trivia question at the end of the survey, you may just win a prize. Can we count on you to spend a few minutes on this, please?

Take the survey today.

Thank you in advance for your time and thanks, as always, for your support for this important cause!

The American Battlefield Trust team

American Battlefield Trust

Friday, 5 October 2018

The Revell Story (English Version)

The Revell Story (English Version)

The Revell Story (English Version)

Since the 1950s, Revell has been producing true-to-scale and highly detailed plastic model kits. Whether cars, airplanes, ships or even space stations - there is hardly a technical milestone that Revell has not implemented as a model with a loving eye for detail.

Ulli Taubert and Andreas A. Berse tell the exciting story of a brand that is inextricably linked to German children's rooms, and numerous contemporary witnesses speak out.

Above all Ulli Taubert, who shaped Revell's program and product development for decades. An exclusive look behind the scenes of the model business with previously unpublished photos and documents.

Published by the renowned publisher Delius Klasing and bound in high-quality hardcover.

176 pages, 150 colour and black-and-white photos, size 21 x 24 cm, hardcover with dust jacket, English version


Thursday, 4 October 2018

1/144 Bf 109E Set #3 - Mediterranean Aces from Armory Models Group

AR14305 - 1/144 Bf 109E Set #3 - Mediterranean Aces coming soon.

Bf 109E Set #3 - Mediterranean Aces

Bf 109E Set #3 - Mediterranean Aces picture 1

Bf 109E Set #3 - Mediterranean Aces picture 2

Bf 109E Set #3 - Mediterranean Aces picture 3

Armory Models Group

1:144 WWII German 3.7cm Flak 43 auf sWS from Combat Group Dynamix


This model is made with ABS-L using 3D printing.

This 1:144 WWII German 3.7cm Flak 43 auf sWS model contains 6 parts: chassis, a pair of side panels, gun mount, gun and sled. Gun can be elevated on the mount and rotate on the sled.

Painted Sample:

German 3.7cm Flak 43 auf sWS

German 3.7cm Flak 43 auf sWS picture 1

German 3.7cm Flak 43 auf sWS picture 2

German 3.7cm Flak 43 auf sWS picture 3

3.7cm Flak 43 - one of the most widely used anti-aircraft gun used by Germany during WWII. They were also used in ground support role and were mounted on different vehicles to gave them mobility. The gun has a rate of fire of 150 RPM and had considerable armour penetration power with AP ammunition

sWS (Schwerer Wehrmachtsschlepper) or Heavy Armed Forces Tractor, was a simple half track vehicle developed and used by Germany from 1943 to 1945. It was designed to replace the SdKfz 6 and SdKfz 11. Initial release was unarmoured and like a lorry resembling the SdKfz 11, later versions were semi armoured and looked like the Sdkfz 251 in front with lorry like flatbed. Side and rear panels are make with wood planks. Later versions had the side panel made with metal screen and an additional storage container overhanging the rear panel. It was this version that the 37 mm Flak 43 auf sWS was developed. The side panel can lock flat horizontally so that there was more space for the gun operators to move around. Fully armoured versions were also developed to carry the Nebelwerfer 42. An improved version continued to be produced by Tatra in Czechoslovakia after the war.

Product of Hong Kong.

Not "N" scale or 1:160.

Combat Group Dynamix