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WW1 Austro-Hungarian Dragoons and Hussars by Kallistra

A preview of the master figures for the WW1 Early War Austro-Hungarian Dragoons and Hussars, both mounted and dismounted - to be released shortly.

WW1 Austro-Hungarian Dragoons and Hussars by Kallistra


Save Oak Ridge at Gettysburg

Save Oak Ridge at Gettysburg

Over the years, you and I have done some tremendous work to preserve hallowed ground at America’s most famous battlefield, Gettysburg. In a number of key transactions we have reclaimed significant portions at the first day's battlefield of the Civil War's bloodiest battle. In 2011, we helped save the ground over which General Henry Heth’s Confederates made their initial assault against the Union Army’s Iron Brigade. Just last year, we protected 35 crucial acres associated with the fighting on Barlow’s Knoll. And, of course, we have preserved and restored the site of Lee’s Headquarters on Seminary Ridge, itself the site of heavy action on July 1, 1863.

Now, you and I have the opportunity to save yet another piece of the First Day’s battlefield, a two-acre parcel on Oak Ridge that saw intense combat on the afternoon of July 1.

On Oak Ridge, men from Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania let loose deadly fire into the faces of Colonel Alfred Iverson’s North Carolinians. The Yankees waited until the Rebels were within 50 yards before unleashing a furious volley at close range. “Unable to advance, unwilling to retreat,” the survivors of Iverson’s brigade hugged the ground for safety, waiting for a renewed Confederate assault to sweep the Federals from Oak Ridge.

With your help, we can save this important piece of the Gettysburg battlefield. We are not only adding to the more than 1,000 acres we have already saved at Gettysburg; we are preserving the memory of the brave Americans who fought here and ensuring that future generations will know their story. Help us save this key piece of American history.

The Civil War Trust

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

More 10mm ECW from Lancer Miniatures

Couple of new bits added to the 10mm ECW range. Rupert and Boy, mounted dragoons and command and a new dragoon kneeling firing to add a bit more variety to dragoon pack

Awaiting Pictures

Dragoon foot command 1 officer 1 drummer

Dragoon mounted command 3 figures

4x Mounted Dragoons

Rupert or any other commander you want him to be

Prince Rupert and Boy

Lancer Miniatures

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Three Battles of Sand Creek: In Blood, in Court, and as the End of History

The Three Battles of Sand Creek: In Blood, in Court, and as the End of History

The Sand Creek Battle, or Massacre, occurred on November 29-30, 1864, a confrontation between Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians and Colorado volunteer soldiers.

The affair was a tragic event in American history, and what occurred there continues to be hotly contested. Indeed, labeling it a “battle” or a “massacre” will likely start an argument before any discussion on the merits even begins. Even questions about who owns the story, and how it should be told, are up for debate. Many questions arise whenever Sand Creek is discussed: were the Indians peaceful? Did they hold white prisoners? Were they under army protection? Were excessive numbers of women and children killed, and were bodies mutilated? Did the Indians fly an American flag? Did the chiefs die stoically in front of their tipis? Were white scalps found in the village? Three hearings were conducted, and there seems to be an overabundance of evidence from which to answer these and other questions. Unfortunately, the evidence only muddies the issues. Award-winning Indian Wars author Gregory Michno divides his study into three sections.

The first, “In Blood,” details the events of November 29 and 30, 1864, in what is surely the most comprehensive account published to date. The second section, “In Court,” focuses on the three investigations into the affair, illustrates some of the biases involved, and presents some of the contradictory testimony. The third and final section, “The End of History,” shows the utter impossibility of sorting fact from fiction. Using Sand Creek as well as contemporary examples, Michno examines the evidence of eyewitnesses all of whom were subject to false memories, implanted memories, leading questions, prejudice, self-interest, motivated reasoning, social, cultural, and political mores, an over-active amygdala, and a brain that had a “mind” of its own―obstacles that make factual accuracy an illusion. Living in a postmodern world of relativism suggests that all history is subject to the fancies and foibles of individual bias.

The example of Sand Creek illustrates why we may be witnessing “the end of history.” Studying Sand Creek exposes our prejudices because facts will not change our minds we invent them in our memories, we are poor eyewitnesses, we follow the leader, we are slaves to our preconceptions, and assuredly we never let truth get in the way of what we already think, feel, or even hope. We do not believe what we see; instead, we see what we believe. Michno’s extensive research includes primary and select secondary studies, including recollections, archival accounts, newspapers, diaries, and other original records. The Three Battles of Sand Creek will take its place as the definitive account of this previously misunderstood, and tragic, event.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Father's Day Sale from Osprey Publishing Ltd

Father's Day Sale from Osprey Publishing Ltd

It's our Father's Day Sale from Osprey Publishing Ltd

25% off General Military, General Aviation & Games until 18th June!

Browse the sale today.

Osprey Publishing Ltd

Monday, 12 June 2017

Slingshot 312

Slingshot 312

Slingshot 312 is with the printers and will be with you shortly


The Second Sui Invasion of Koguryo, by Nicholas Spratt
· Guardroom, by John Hastings
· The Battle of Amnias 89 BC, by Richard Andrews
· Reconstructing Hadrian’s Wall, by John Hastings
· Belosphendone, by Richard Tylor
· Philippi at the Society Conference, by Paul Innes et al
· Age of the Wolf, by Gordon Lawrence

The editor is always looking for more articles, photographs and art, so feel free to contact him if you have an idea you would like to pursue.


Civil War Generations: Defend Library Hill

I am excited to invite you to our Civil War Trust Generations Event: Defend Library Hill! It is taking place at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall Carnegie, PA on Saturday, June 24 from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. I hope you can join us.

If you have never attended a Generations event before, you’re in for an amazing experience. These events connect younger and older generations by exploring our country’s history, helping youngsters learn and truly understand essential aspects of the American experience. You can bring your son, daughter, niece, neighbor, or friend and help instill a lifelong passion for learning. This event is free to all who bring someone from another generation and you must register online to reserve your spot. Some lucky kids will even get to don the uniforms of their choice!

Now, you may be wondering why we are holding a Generation's event just outside of Pittsburgh. As you well know, the Civil War touched thousands of places and impacted countless lives across the United States, and the Pittsburgh-area is no different.

Pittsburgh was home to the Allegheny Arsenal and Fort Pitt Foundry, both of which supplied the Federal cause with cannon and munitions. The Allegheny Arsenal was the site of the worst civilian disaster of the Civil War, when, the arsenal laboratory exploded on September 17, 1862. Old Western Penitentiary housed some of the prisoners from John Hunt Morgan’s raid. In the postwar years, veterans gathered at Grand Army of the Republic Posts (G.A.R.) were scattered across the Pittsburgh area. Our Generation's event will be held at one of these old G.A.R. posts The Captain Thomas Espy Post, at the Carnegie Library and Music Hall, Carnegie, PA.

Come out and “enlist” in the army. Learn how to march like a Civil War soldier. Visit the doctor and, as always, our Cadet Conference format employs hands-on activities and stresses teamwork, leadership, ethics and responsibility lessons as the history of the American Civil War comes to life.

Come share your passion for history at this special event, sponsored by the Civil War Trust and the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall. The event is free but space is limited, so please register today.

The Civil War Trust

Friday, 9 June 2017

More Scourge from eBay

I have bought some Dropzone commander scourge from the thetrolltrader and monstermodelsandgames on eBay and i am extremely happy with a purchases.

Scourge Prowlers

Scourge Prowlers

Scourge Reaver Gunship

Scourge Reaver Gunship

Scourge Intruder Beta Light Dropships

Scourge Intruder Beta Light Dropships

Scourge Eden's Dinosaur

Scourge Eden's Dinosaur

New ACW Buildings Released from Pendraken Miniatures

We had these through just after Salute but it's taken a little longer to get them photo'd and up onto the new website.  The delay turned out to be a positive though, as it meant we were able to get some extra painted shots of them done, courtesy of Paul Davies!  He's just done a review article for Wargames Illustrated which can be found here: https://www.wargamesillustrated.net/pendraken-10mm-american-civil-war-buildings/

Scenery Items ACW Buildings

SCN-ACW2    Small farmhouse, clapboard     £5.00

SCN-ACW2    Small farmhouse, clapboard

SCN-ACW3    Small farmhouse, timber     £5.00

SCN-ACW3    Small farmhouse, timber

SCN-ACW4    Large farmhouse, clapboard     £6.00

SCN-ACW4    Large farmhouse, clapboard

SCN-ACW5    Large farmhouse, stone     £6.00

SCN-ACW5    Large farmhouse, stone

SCN-ACW6    Small barn, timber      £5.00

SCN-ACW6    Small barn, timber

SCN-ACW7    Large barn, stone/timber     £5.50

SCN-ACW7    Large barn, stone/timber

SCN-ACW8    Lutheran Church (Antietam)     £8.00

SCN-ACW8    Lutheran Church (Antietam)

Pendraken Miniatures

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, 91, Jul-Aug 2017

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, 91, Jul-Aug 2017

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 91 with 217 BC - The ancient world at war.

Special Feature: 217 BC - The ancient world at war

Jeff Jonas, 'The Mediterranean arena of 217 BC - The grudge match of empires'.
Jeff Jonas, '217, Cage match of empires - Gaming the grudge'.
Mark Backhouse, 'Gaming the Battle of Lake Trasimene - Trick you twice'.
Eoghan Kelly, 'Cutting Hannibal's Spanish supply - The Battle of the Iberus River'.
Guy Bowers, 'Assembling a Carthaginian army - The army of the New City'.
John Morris, 'John loves it when a plan comes together - Where's the elephants, Hannibal'.


Eoghan Kelly, 'A battle for the Western Oosterbeek perimeter - God save the king'.
Mark Backhouse, 'Part I of an ACW Sharp Practice mini campaign - Three days with the tigers'.
Michael Leck, 'Danish guerrilla forces during the Scanian War - Snapphanar'.
Peter Schulein, 'Part 2: Surviving the Twisted Tentacle Arms - Playing From Dusk till Dawn'.
Stephen Tunmore, 'Modelling the retreat from Moscow, Part I - Buildinga Russian Izba'.
Tony Harwood, 'Re-building a resin cottage for 28mm gaming - Resplendent resin'.


Miniature reviews
Rick Priestley, 'This Gaming Life - Mein Host, Part II'.
Henry Hyde, 'Tabletop tactics - Line infantry: Theory into practice'.
Rob Rhodes, 'The Irregular - Do I really need a podcast?'.
Rob Rhodes, 'The American Civil War rules from Reisswitz Press - Let's play Pickett's Charge'.
Guy Bowers, 'Adventures in time and space - First look - Doctor Who - Exterminate!'.
Eoghan Kelly, Raif Watkins, and Ian Beal, 'Game reviews - Mortem et Gloriam, The Curse of Dead Man's Hand and Wargame: The Spanish Armada 1588 / Wargame: The Roman Invasion Ad 43-84'.
Parting Shots

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

Book Launch: The History of the Civil War Trust!

In commemoration of our 30th anniversary, a new book explores the rise of the Civil War Trust, from humble beginnings to become the national champion for historic battlefield preservation. Fighting the Second Civil War: A History of Battlefield Preservation and the Emergence of the Civil War Trust, by historian Bob Zeller, tells the story of the Civil War Trust’s extraordinary journey to become the most successful nonprofit battlefield preservation organization in American history.

Starting with the 1987 founding of the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites, the book highlights numerous preservation dramas both successful and not that ultimately led to the protection of more than 46,000 acres at 132 Civil War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battlefields throughout the nation. These include the high-profile struggle with a Disney theme park at Manassas, the unlikely restoration of the Franklin Battlefield, two national crusades against casino gambling at Gettysburg, and the 11th-hour campaign to save the famous George Washington’s charge site at Princeton.

As a supporter of the Civil War Trust, you helped make this remarkable story a reality. We hope you will enjoy Fighting the Second Civil War available wherever books are sold, or at Knox Press.

Fighting the Second Civil War

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

Want to leave a gift to the Civil War Trust through your estate without visiting a lawyer? Make the Civil War Trust a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, or a bank account to make a lasting impact on our nation’s hallowed battlegrounds.

Slaughter Pen Farm

At the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Slaughter Pen Farm was the scene of the most vicious hand-to-hand combat and where the Confederates suffered the majority of their casualties. With your help, we can meet our annual commitment to save 208 acres of this significant hallowed ground.


Become a Member

Save A Battlefield

Generations Event in Pittsburgh

Calling all recruits! On June 24, “enlist” in the Union Army and experience what it was like to be a Civil War soldier. Bring your child, niece, nephew, or friend and join us for a free Generations event as we bring the Civil War to live.

Chickamauga Animated Map

This week, Civil War Trust members and staff are gathered in Chattanooga for four days of camaraderie, tours, lectures, and more as part of our Annual Conference. Our Battle of Chickamauga animated map tells the compelling story of the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War.

The Civil War Trust

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Haystacks from Pendraken Miniatures

John at Ironclad Miniatures had done us some nice little haystacks, should be useful in all sorts of games!



We'll have these released asap.

Pendraken Miniatures

WW1 Russian Reinforcements from Kallistra

WW1 Russian dismounted cavalry, Limber teams and casualties packs now available to order.

WW1-RU07 Russian Early War Infantry Casualties

WW1-RU07 Russian Early War Infantry Casualties

WW1-RU08 Russian Early War 76.2mm Field Guns, Teams and Limbers

WW1-RU08 Russian Early War 76.2mm Field Guns, Teams and Limbers

WW1-RU10 Russian Early War Dismounted Cavalry Firing

WW1-RU10 Russian Early War Dismounted Cavalry Firing


Two Track Engine Shed Kit from eBay

Metcalfe N Gauge Two Track Engine Shed Kit PN113 BNIP for my World War II Project.

Phase 2 Kickstarter by Black Gate Miniatures

Time to start the phase 2 Kickstarter pre launch campaign :)

First up is the concept art for the Mammoth Rider unit. These guys are going to look very imposing on the battlefield.

Phase 2 Kickstarter by Black Gate Miniatures

Thanks as ever to Christian for his outstanding work.

The exact kick off date for phase 2 will hopefully be finalised by the end of this week.

Black Gate Miniatures

10mm Franco-Prussian War from Red Eagle Miniatures

10mm Franco-Prussian War from Red Eagle Miniatures

Red Eagle Miniatures have bought the old Wargames South range of 10mm Franco Prussian War figures and they are now back in production..  Pack sizes are:

Standard packs are £3.00 GBP and contain 20 infantry, twelve cavalry, or two guns with eight crew.

Command packs are £1.50 GBP and contain nine foot command figures or five mounted figures.

Red Eagle Miniatures

Save Slaughter Pen Farm

Save Slaughter Pen Farm

For decades, most people who made the trip to the Fredericksburg battlefield, in Virginia, learned about the lopsided assaults on the Sunken Road at Marye’s Heights. Visitors experienced one facet of the battle to the exclusion of the fighting on the southern end of the battlefield, where the Confederates suffered the majority of their casualties and where no less than six medals of honor were awarded for heroic actions. Most people even those who consider themselves Civil War buffs had never even heard of the Slaughter Pen Farm.

For decades, the scene of some of the most ferocious fighting at Fredericksburg was completely inaccessible. Recall on December 13, 1862, Union General Ambrose Burnside ordered General William B. Franklin to attack Stonewall Jackson's position on the heights south of Fredericksburg. The ensuing fight lasted several hours leaving 9,000 Americans killed, wounded, or captured more than half of the casualties of the entire battle on the muddy farm fields we now call the Slaughter Pen Farm.

Just over ten years ago, thanks to the help of our generous members, we purchased the Slaughter Pen, preserving its wartime character and ensuring the next generation of Americans won't forget this pivotal part of Fredericksburg. This was no ordinary feat, even by our standards. The price a staggering $12 million made it the largest transaction we'd ever undertaken, but well worth the cost when weighed against the historical significance of this hallowed ground.

Thankfully, our friends and supporters thought so too. As it stands today, I am happy to report that we have paid off nearly 70% of the cost of this land. This is a remarkable feat, and I cannot thank you enough for your enduring dedication to the cause.

Yet, we still have more to go. In 2017, thanks to many generous bequests, we only owe $135,000 to meet our annual commitment. Will you please help us meet our annual commitment to protect this irreplaceable piece of hallowed ground? Please help by donating to save the Slaughter Pen Farm.

Video: Union Attack at the Slaughter Pen Farm

Battle Map: Fredericksburg

Article: The True Battle for Fredericksburg

Battlefield: Fredericksburg

The Civil War Trust

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

June 2017 New Releases by Panzer Depot

25th May 2017 New WWII Releases by Panzer Depot - 1/144

Russian B4 203mm Howitzer

Russian B4 203mm Howitzer

French 194mm GPF (Grand Puissance, Filloux) Gun

French 194mm GPF (Grand Puissance, Filloux) Gun

German Horch Kfz 31 Ambulance Car

German Horch Kfz 31 Ambulance Car

German Henschel 6J Truck

German Henschel 6J Truck

USA Ford 3t Tank

USA Ford 3t Tank

Panzer Depot

1/144 GT-T Tractor from Shapeways, Kampfflieger models

The GT-T Tractor is a tracked transport vehicle. It was designed in the late 1950s as an all-terrain artillery tractor for Northern areas of the Soviet Union. It can carry troops, weapons, ammunition and other military cargo over difficult terrain in remote areas. 

1/144 GT-T Tractor

1/144 GT-T Tractor

3D printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

Shapeways, Kampfflieger models

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

June's Book Vote and May's Results

This month's book vote focuses on our X-Planes series, as 5 potential titles battle it out for your vote:

 XPL: Dutch and Belgium Pre-War Prototypes

 XPL: RAF Mach 3 Bombers of the Cold War: English Electric P.10 and Avro 730            

 XPL: Northrop F-20 Tigershark: The best fighter America never built

 XPL: Schneider Trophy Racing Seaplanes

 XPL: US Navy Prototypes of World War II

Dutch and Belgian Pre-War Prototypes

As Europe headed towards war, and countries large and small began to rearm, aircraft companies in the vulnerable Low Countries designed a new generation of fighters to defend their homelands. These designs, by Fokker, Koolhoven, De Schelde and Renard, included some advanced and innovative aircraft, including a radical push-pull twin-engined fighter, a mid-engined design, and a twin-boom pusher. This is the story of the aircraft that the Luftwaffe might have faced as they pushed west in 1940.

RAF Mach 3 Bombers of the Cold War: English Electric P.10 and Avro 730

In the early 1950s, before North American designed the XB-70 Valkyrie bomber, the RAF had issued specifications for a similarly advanced high-altitude, Mach 3 reconnaissance bomber. Two firms proposed futuristic aircraft that would provide the blistering performance required by the Cold War Bomber Command. Avro’s Type 730 was a massive stainless-steel aircraft powered by the most powerful turbojets available while English Electric, pushing the state of the art, produced the futuristic and technically advanced ramjet-powered P.10. However, both fell prey to the 1957 Defence White Paper and the Avro 730 prototype that was being built was cut up for scrap.

Northrop F-20 Tigershark: The best fighter America never built

A competitor to the F-16 in the early 1980s, the F-20 was an advanced, Mach 2-capable multirole fighter. It was privately funded by Northrop, based on their F-5 series, but equipped with a modern engine, advanced radar and avionics, and capable of using most of the USAF’s 1980s weaponry, including Maverick, Sidewinder and Sparrow missiles. As capable as the early F-16 but significantly simpler and cheaper, it was intended for export to US allies – but fell victim to politics, and none were ever sold. The F-20 remains one of the most intriguing what-ifs of modern aviation.

Schneider Trophy Racing Seaplanes

From 1913 to 1931, the prestige of winning the Schneider Trophy spurred the development of a series of high-performance racing aircraft, which by the late 1920s were already topping 300mph. Streamlined, elegant, and powered by inline liquid-cooled engines, they were the bloodline for some of the greatest single-engined fighters of World War II. Most famously, Supermarine and Macchi used their Schneider Trophy expertise to develop the Spitfire and C.202 Folgore, but the American Curtiss firm also won twice, once with ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle in the cockpit.

US Navy Fighter Prototypes of World War II

This is the story of how American aircraft-makers responded to the challenges of war and new technology, and the aircraft that the US Navy missed out on, including the Grumman XF5F Skyrocket, Bell XFL Airabonita, Boeing XF8B, Curtiss XF14C, Vought XF5U, and Ryan Fireball. These aircraft include an innovative long-range multirole fighter, a very capable and distinctive twin-engine fighter, and the US Navy’s first mixed-power fighter, which although it entered service just before the end of the war never saw combat.


Now it's time to announce the results of May's book vote. May's vote focused on our Campaign series, and whilst Suez 1956 put up a good fight, the ultimate winner was Warsaw 1920. See the full results below:

CAM: New Market 1864 10.02%
CAM: Yalu River 1894 17.7%
CAM: Warsaw 1920 39.87%
CAM: Suez 1956 32.41%

Osprey Publishing Ltd

Berthier Campaign Manager Software (Version 9.8) Updated

I've have released an update of the free Berthier Campaign Manager software (version 9.8).

Berthier Campaign Manager Software (Version 9.8) Updated

This update is a bug fix. There is no new functionality.

See the Readme file in the download for the full details.

Download it here.

Berthier is free software that manages wargames campaigns for miniatures. Berthier is suitable for historical, naval or fantasy campaigns in most periods. Berthier allows two campaigners, without an umpire, to run simple strategic campaigns leading to tabletop battles. Alternatively, umpires can use Berthier to run two-sided campaigns.

Berthier Campaign Manager

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Heroes of Erebos from Trolls Under the Bridge

Heroes of Erebos

Heroes of Erebos from Trolls Under the Bridge

The set contains 4 miniatures of war-mongers and one mount. Each miniature is different. Each hero has dedicated himself to different aspect of Erebos.

Material is metal.

Suitable for fantasy 10 mm universe and games (as used to be Warmaster (™) ). Packing does not include bases.

Heroes of Erebos picture 2

Heroes of Erebos picture 3

Heroes of Erebos picture 4

Heroes of Erebos picture 5

Heroes of Erebos picture 6

Trolls Under the Bridge

Friday, 2 June 2017

SOTCW Journal 92, Jun-Jul 2017

SOTCW Journal 92, Jun-Jul 2017

I am pleased to announce the latest issue of the full colour Journal is now available.

FV4401 Contentious – Britain's S-Tank
Meet The Members – Ian Shaw
The Battle of Lugg Vale – A Timeless scenario
St Vith – 21st and 22nd December 1944 – Scenario
Notes on Spanish Civil War TO and Es – Part Two – The Nationalists
WWII Armed Transport Ferries – Variants on a 1/300th model
¡Adelante los Internacionales! – A Regiment/Brigade level scenario for Punta de Lanza
I Shall Fight Them In The Trenches – Winston Churchill 1916
Red and Gray – Part Four – Mind the Steppe! – A series of eastern front scenarios for Spearhead 41-43


10mm Cold War British Infantry from TimeCast

We are happy to announce that the first production run of our 10mm Cold War British Infantry will be with us any day now, and are now ready to order on our website.

Prices are £1.30 GBP per pack for the basic infantry (eight figures per pack) and £1.50 GBP per pack for the mortars (two x mortars, six crew and a two-man FO/MFC team).
10mm Cold War British Infantry from TimeCast

There is also a free downloadable painting guide for the British infantry available on the page.

The British infantry will be followed shortly by some more Soviet vehicles:

BRDM-2 – AT-5 ATGM vehicle
BRDM-2 – SA-9 Air Defense vehicle
BRDM-2u – Command vehicle

Also, the first British vehicles are in the pipeline for July.


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Save 200+ Acres at Kettle Creek, Hanging Rock & Eutaw Springs

Save 200+ Acres at Kettle Creek, Hanging Rock & Eutaw Springs

Today, I am writing to alert you to some 209 acres of important battlefield land from the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. Land from 3 remarkable battles Kettle Creek, Hanging Rock and Eutaw Springs can now be saved and preserved forever with your help.

In the Spring of 1781, American General Nathanael Greene called the Southern colonies “one continuous scene of blood and slaughter.” Since 1778, when the British had sent troops to key ports in Georgia and South Carolina, Patriot forces had fought the British and their partisan allies at places like Hanging Rock and Eutaw Springs in South Carolina, and Kettle Creek in Georgia. Though the Americans did not always prevail, they remained determined. “We fight,” Greene wrote, “get beat, rise, and fight again.”

Thanks to the support of Trust members like you, we have already helped to save more than 1,000 acres at battlefields from this overlooked but crucial period in American history. The latest opportunity to save 209 acres at these three battlefields from the Southern Campaign is one of our greatest to date in our drive to identify and preserve key battlefield land!

The Civil War Trust