Thursday, 6 April 2017

Annual Conference in Chattanooga 7 to 11 June

Annual Conference in Chattanooga 7 to 11 June

In north Georgia and south Tennessee, Union and Confederate armies clashed during the fall of 1863 in some of the hardest fighting of the Civil War. The prize was Chattanooga, a key rail center and the gateway to the heart of the Confederacy. This summer, you can join Civil War Trust members with some of our nation’s elite historians as we delve into the battles that one Confederate soldier ominously called, "the death-knell of the Confederacy."

At our 2017 Annual Conference, you can explore the battlefield as never before. Our lineup of expert tour guides and speakers includes Keith Bohannon, Michael R. Bradley, Peter Cozzens, Parker Hills, James Ogden III, and the Trust’s own Garry Adelman. Our tours will give a detailed look at the Battles for Chattanooga and the Battle of Chickamauga, and cover themes such as William Tecumseh Sherman versus Joseph Eggleston Johnston in North Georgia, and how George Thomas earned his enduring nickname. The complete list of tours can be found here.

The conference will take place June 7-11. Space is limited! Register now to reserve your spot at the conference and to sign up for your tour preferences. See you in Chattanooga!

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We have events planned throughout the year where you can visit the newly restored Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg. Save the date for an open house in 2017.

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