Thursday, 13 July 2017

Scammell Recovery Vehicle by Arrowhead Miniatures

The Scammell Recovery vehicle was a British 6 x 4 tractor unit used in World War II as an artillery tractor, recovery vehicle and tank transporter.

Photograph of the new Scammell Recovery vehicle. Still has to have a few 'bits' added to it.

Scammell Recovery Vehicle by Arrowhead Miniatures

Arrowhead Miniatures

Annual Conference Recap, Interior Secretary Zinke at Antietam, New Website, and More

Annual Conference Recap, Interior Secretary Zinke at Antietam, New Website, and More

Last month, more than 400 Civil War Trust members and guests descended on Chattanooga, Tennessee for our 18th annual conference. Conference attendees had the option of 15 different tours with top tier battlefield guides across 4 days. The tours incorporated a detailed overview of the battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga, and included visits to places like Orchard Knob, Snodgrass Hill, Lookout Mountain, and Brown’s Ferry -- sites that you helped to preserve! Other highlights included lectures from noted historians, an evening riverboat cruise along the Tennessee River, and the unveiling of a new book that details our 30 year organizational history.

If you’ve had the chance to attend one of our conferences, you know how much our members enjoy being out on the battlefield, discussing our nation’s history with experts and, most of all, spending time with like-minded people who care passionately about preserving American history. To see more highlights of this year’s annual conference, please check out this photo gallery from our trip to Chattanooga.

If you’d like to join us in Newport News, Virginia in 2018, mark your calendars for Marching Toward Freedom: The Wars of America’s First Century in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Online registration will be open by August 15.

Interior Secretary Zinke at Antietam

On July 5, the Civil War Trust hosted an event on the Antietam Battlefield with U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. Secretary Zinke announced that President Trump's first quarter salary donation would benefit restoration projects at Antietam. He also announced $7.2 million in federal matching grants to preserve battlefield lands associated with the American Revolution, War of 1812 and Civil War.

Thank you to our Honor Guard members!

We are so grateful for Honor Guard members who have decided to leave a gift in their estate plans to the Civil War Trust, thank you! Your generosity will ensure that battlefield preservation will continue for the benefit of future generations of Americans.

New Website

We recently launched a new and improved site at www.civilwar.org. The new site is designed to help you easily access the information you seek from any device mobile phone, tablet, desktop and to find relevant content on America’s early wars and the preservation of its battlefields.

Hiking Civil War Battlefields Book

Hiking a Civil War battlefield enables you to walk in the footsteps of the Blue and the Gray. We recently partnered with Rizzoli Publishing to create “Civil War Battlefields: Walking the Trails of History,” a large-format, beautifully produced volume that highlights some of the most remarkable hikes on Civil War battlefields. A portion of the proceeds goes toward battlefield preservation! Order your copy today

Support Congressional Gold Medal for Ed Bearss

Ed Bearss has been lavishly praised as a living legend, a national treasure, and America’s storyteller. He has left an indelible legacy of battlefield preservation in the U.S. and his work to protect and interpret American battlefields will live on for generations. Sign a letter to Congress urging that Ed be recognized with the Congressional Gold Medal. Sign the Letter

The Civil War Trust

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Artillery Markers and Haystacks from Pendraken Miniatures

John at Ironclad has been working on some more useful scenic items for us, so we've got some handy artillery markers and also some haystacks.

The artillery markers come in two types and are based on 15mm circles.  These can be used either as markers for your artillery units or just simply as a bit of extra scenery on the table.  The haystacks contain 4 types (2 of each in the pack) and vary from around 15mm wide up to 25mm wide.  Both of these releases are on the website £4.00 per pack.

SCN-GEN3    Artillery markers x 16    £4.00

SCN-GEN3    Artillery markers x 16

SCN-GEN4    Haystacks x 8    £4.00

SCN-GEN4    Haystacks x 8

Monday, 10 July 2017

27 New WWII Releases by Pendraken Miniatures

Things on the release front have been a bit quiet recently while we're working on BKC-III, but Dave's been steadily building a stack of new vehicles on the desk so I thought it was about time to get them released.  The thread title is a bit misleading though as a lot of these are revamps, with some new vehicles thrown in as well.

For the Brits, we've got some more Sherman revamps, plus two new M3 Stuarts with the early rivet and later turrets.  Moving to artillery, we've done a bit of work on the 25pdr and added the earlier version with the muzzle brake.

On the German side, the new Panther models are all ready and released, as well as a rather random Beobachtungspanzer version, of which there was only one produced!  So naturally, most folks will need at least 3 of them...!

The Soviets have got a better T-26 model (which I know has changed previously) but we weren't completely happy with it so asked the designer to do a fresh base model to be used for T-26's and Vickers E's further down the line.

And finally we've got a single French release, with the AMC-35 ready to go.  This is essentially the same as the Belgian ACG-1 tank, so it'll be of use to a future Belgian range as well.

The revamped models are all in italics, new releases in regular font.

British Vehicles

BRV14   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm gun, sand skirts   £3.00

BRV14   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm gun, sand skirts

BRV18   M4 Sherman, 105mm gun   £3.00

BRV18   M4 Sherman, 105mm gun

BRV21   M4A4 Sherman V, 75mm gun, camo   £3.00

BRV21   M4A4 Sherman V, 75mm gun, camo

BRV28   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm, back box, sand skirts   £3.00

BRV28   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm, back box, sand skirts

BRV29   M4A4 Sherman, 75mm, field armour   £3.00

BRV29   M4A4 Sherman, 75mm, field armour

BRV30   M4A4 Sherman ‘Firefly’, 17pdr, field armour   £3.00

BRV30   M4A4 Sherman ‘Firefly’, 17pdr, field armour

BRV56   M3 Stuart ‘Honey, mid turret   £2.80

BRV56   M3 Stuart ‘Honey, mid turret

BRV63   M31 Sherman ARV   £3.00

BRV63   M31 Sherman ARV

BRV65   Sexton SPG 25pdr   £3.00

BRV63   M31 Sherman ARV

BRV101   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, early turret   £2.80

BRV101   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, early turret

BRV102   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, late turret   £2.80

BRV102   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, late turret


BRA14   25pdr field gun with crew, ammo trailer   £2.80

BRA14   25pdr field gun with crew, ammo trailer

BRA15   25pdr field gun, 8th Army crew, ammo trailer   £2.80

BRA22   25pdr field gun, no muzzle brake, crew, ammo trailer   £2.80

BRA22   25pdr field gun, no muzzle brake, crew, ammo trailer

BRA23   25pdr field gun, no muzzle brake, 8th Army crew, ammo trailer   £2.80

BRA23   25pdr field gun, no muzzle brake, 8th Army crew, ammo trailer

German Vehicles

GRV22   Tiger 2, Henschel turret, with zimmerit   £3.50

GRV22   Tiger 2, Henschel turret, with zimmerit

GRV25   Panther A   £3.50

GRV25   Panther A

GRV26   Panther D   £3.50

GRV26   Panther D

GRV27   Panther G   £3.50

GRV27   Panther G

GRV28   Panther A, zimmerit   £3.50

GRV29   Panther D, camouflaged   £3.50

GRV29   Panther D, camouflaged

GRV31   Jagdpanther   £3.50

GRV31   Jagdpanther

GRV109   Beobachtungspanzer Panther   £3.50
GRV109   Beobachtungspanzer Panther

Soviet Vehicles

SVV1   T-26 S   £2.80

SVV1   T-26 S

SVV24   TT-34 Engineer tank   £2.80

SVV24   TT-34 Engineer tank

SVV38/SCV4   T-26 B   £2.80

SVV38/SCV4   T-26 B


FRE60   Renault AMC-35   £2.80

FRE60   Renault AMC-35

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Project Update 1, 10mm Montrose ECW by Lancer Miniatures

First arrival is the weird looking frame gun, obviously this is the master, the one you will receive will be metal, this will be going into a mould soon as some more bits arrive. The gun crew are just to give you an idea of the size, they are not the correct figures, the ones you will receive will be wearing bonnets.

Frame Gun

Frame Gun

Lancer Miniatures

German Reiter (Riders) from Warmonger Miniatures

The German Reiter (Riders) are now available! Our fifth Kickstarter is all wrapped up and we’re now offering our sixth product up for sale to everyone!

German Reiter (Riders)

German Reiter (Riders)

Warmonger Miniatures

Recap of the 154th Anniversary of Gettysburg!

Recap of the 154th Anniversary of Gettysburg!

Whether you engaged in-person or online, I hope that the 154th Gettysburg anniversary commemoration was meaningful for you. The Civil War Trust was there and I saw thousands of people eager to watch, learn, and experience this annual event at the Gettysburg National Military Park. We also "saw" millions of others interacting with us and our content at civilwar.org and on Facebook through a series of sixteen live broadcasts held all over the battlefield.

From the iconic Little Round Top and the field known as Pickett's Charge, to seldom-seen monuments and boulders off the beaten path, the Trust walked the fields, showed historic photos, told stories, answered your questions, and hosted some of the battle's foremost experts. On some occasions, we even got up close with artifacts that were present during the battle, including General Robert E. Lee's Bible, courtesy of the National Civil War Museum! We also paid a short visit to the land we are currently trying to preserve at Gettysburg. But our favorite part was interacting with enthusiastic Civil War Trust supporters while making many new friends online as well.

Although Gettysburg 154 has passed, you can keep right on learning and engaging in preparation for Gettysburg 155. Watch the 7+ hours of live videos from the Gettysburg 154th anniversary on Facebook—I think my favorites are Seminary Ridge, Pickett's Charge and Gettysburg Aftermath at the Rose Farm. Also, check out our unparalleled animated map, or take a virtual Gettysburg tour. We have more Gettysburg maps, videos, photos, and history articles all in one place on our web site.

No matter which battlefield you like, or what part of the war interests you, we are working our hardest to make sure as many Americans as possible get to experience our nation’s hallowed ground and understand the critical role that battlefields played in our shared history.

The Civil War Trust

Friday, 7 July 2017

10mm Montrose ECW by Lancer Miniatures

After my successful ECW kickstarter, this time it's north of the border to the Marquis of Montrose and his forces.

10mm Montrose ECW by Lancer Miniatures

Been a fan of gaming the ECW for many years, Lots of colour and variety of troops. I used to game it in 28mm but getting them to the club and back as the army grew bigger became a back breaking problem, so they got used less and less, and in the end I sold them, promising myself I would replace them with a smaller scale. Now I already have a 10mm Napoleonic range on my website and we use that down the club often, and frankly if I was starting my business from scratch everything would be in 10mm, for me they just seem to be the perfect size. Now I have had a successful ECW range made through the Kickstarter system and bits are being added to that as fast as my sculptor can work, I believe its Cuirassiers’ that will be added next, but I digress This Kickstarter is for North of the Border and the Marquis of Montrose. They will be listed on my website, but this is your opportunity to get in at the beginning, and get them at the lower price as a thank you for your support. I do all my own mould making and casting, so just looking for some help with getting the masters made. The starter army is set up to be ideal for Warlords Pike and Shotte and Baroque, and I am sure many more.

Lancer Miniatures

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

July 2017 Book Vote

This month's book vote focuses on our Weapon series, as 5 potential titles battle it out for your vote:

July 2017 Book Vote

The Makarov Pistol

Formally adopted by the Soviet armed forces and police in 1951, the simple but elegant Makarov semi-automatic pistol saw widespread action around the world and remains in production today.

The Browning Hi-Power

Entering service in 1935, the formidable Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic pistol equipped both Allied and Axis forces during World War II and continued in NATO service for decades after 1945.

Smith & Wesson Revolvers

Since the 1850s Smith & Wesson’s rugged revolvers have seen action in the hands of soldiers, sailors, law-enforcement personnel, outlaws, settlers and many others, notably General Custer.

Glock Pistols

Since the early 1980s the Glock family of innovative semi-automatic pistols have equipped the military and law-enforcement personnel of dozens of countries, notably the USA and UK.

The Walther P38 Pistol

Intended to replace the expensive P08 Luger as the standard German service pistol, the influential Walther P38 saw widespread action with German and other forces during and after World War II.

Make Your Vote By Clicking Here

Now it's time to announce the results of June's book vote. June's vote focused on our X-Planes series.It was a close one again this month, with Northrop F-20 Tiger Shark almost claiming the top spot, but in the end, the winner was Dutch and Belgian Pre-War Prototypes, which claimed 26.98% of the vote. Thanks to everyone who took part, and don't forget to vote in this month's Weapon vote.

July 2017 Book Vote

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

241 years ago, the Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence and the 13 original colonies claimed their independence from Great Britain, launching an American Revolution that would gain global attention and change the course of world history. Our fledgling democratic republic was defended and strengthened in the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

Just 30 years ago, this month, a Civil War academic scholar, five National Park Service historians and two Civil War buffs convened a meeting to create an organization which would ultimately preserve the battlefields of these wars. The rest, as they say, is history.

What better way to celebrate this Independence Day than to take a moment to reflect upon the hallowed ground that you have helped to preserve and the brave soldiers who fought to secure and sustain our independence? What you’ve achieved is truly remarkable. Since our organization began in 1987, you have aided in the protection and preservation of more than 46,000 acres of American battlefield land, at 132 sites, in 24 states.

The preservation of our history is vital, and I cannot thank you enough. You are helping us to safeguard the land where the United States of America was created and defined. I invite you to join us going forward we have exciting things coming down the pipeline, and you won’t be disappointed. Our work is not finished yet!

The Civil War Trust

Fighting The Second Civil War: History of Battlefield Preservation and the Emergence of the Civil War Trust

Fighting The Second Civil War: History of Battlefield Preservation and the Emergence of the Civil War Trust

Over the course of 30 years, a good idea and the hard work of dedicated history lovers Evolved into a movement that has saved from encroaching development some 45,000 acres - More than 70 square miles - At 132 American Civil War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battlefields. Fueled by the generosity of acquisitions and leads the way in education, professional teacher development and heritage tourism. The Civil War Trust has been Charity Navigator "Four Star Charity," the highest rating, for seven years running, an achievement attained by only the top two percent of charities. A A fascinating, rough-and-tumble history of the people, the places and modern day heroes who have honored our nation's history.

Monday, 3 July 2017

June 2017 Book Vote

June 2017 Book Vote

This month's book vote has been all about our X-Planes series.

Dutch and Belgian Pre-War Prototypes

As Europe headed towards war, and countries large and small began to rearm, aircraft companies in the vulnerable Low Countries designed a new generation of fighters to defend their homelands. These designs, by Fokker, Koolhoven, De Schelde and Renard, included some advanced and innovative aircraft, including a radical push-pull twin-engined fighter, a mid-engined design, and a twin-boom pusher. This is the story of the aircraft that the Luftwaffe might have faced as they pushed west in 1940.

RAF Mach 3 Bombers of the Cold War: English Electric P.10 and Avro 730

In the early 1950s, before North American designed the XB-70 Valkyrie bomber, the RAF had issued specifications for a similarly advanced high-altitude, Mach 3 reconnaissance bomber. Two firms proposed futuristic aircraft that would provide the blistering performance required by the Cold War Bomber Command. Avro’s Type 730 was a massive stainless-steel aircraft powered by the most powerful turbojets available while English Electric, pushing the state of the art, produced the futuristic and technically advanced ramjet-powered P.10. However, both fell prey to the 1957 Defence White Paper and the Avro 730 prototype that was being built was cut up for scrap.

Northrop F-20 Tigershark: The best fighter America never built

A competitor to the F-16 in the early 1980s, the F-20 was an advanced, Mach 2-capable multirole fighter. It was privately funded by Northrop, based on their F-5 series, but equipped with a modern engine, advanced radar and avionics, and capable of using most of the USAF’s 1980s weaponry, including Maverick, Sidewinder and Sparrow missiles. As capable as the early F-16 but significantly simpler and cheaper, it was intended for export to US allies – but fell victim to politics, and none were ever sold. The F-20 remains one of the most intriguing what-ifs of modern aviation.

Schneider Trophy Racing Seaplanes

From 1913 to 1931, the prestige of winning the Schneider Trophy spurred the development of a series of high-performance racing aircraft, which by the late 1920s were already topping 300 mph. Streamlined, elegant, and powered by inline liquid-cooled engines, they were the bloodline for some of the greatest single-engined fighters of World War II. Most famously, Supermarine and Macchi used their Schneider Trophy expertise to develop the Spitfire and C.202 Folgore, but the American Curtiss firm also won twice, once with ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle in the cockpit.

US Navy Fighter Prototypes of World War II

This is the story of how American aircraft-makers responded to the challenges of war and new technology, and the aircraft that the US Navy missed out on, including the Grumman XF5F Skyrocket, Bell XFL Airabonita, Boeing XF8B, Curtiss XF14C, Vought XF5U, and Ryan Fireball. These aircraft include an innovative long-range multirole fighter, a very capable and distinctive twin-engine fighter, and the US Navy’s first mixed-power fighter, which although it entered service just before the end of the war never saw combat.

With five excellent ideas vying for your vote, it's going to be a close one! To read more about this month's options and to see last month's results, click here!

Osprey Publishing Ltd

Friday, 30 June 2017

Panzer Krieg by Jason D. Mark

Panzer Krieg by Jason D. Mark

The first volume of our Stalingrad panzer series is much larger than originally planned. At almost 580 large-format pages, the combat histories of Panzer-Abteilungen 103, 129 and 160 are examined in depth, both in text and photos.

The pre-publication will be announced in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone for their patience. The wait will be worth it!

Leaping Horseman Books

New 1/144 BRDM 2 in 10mm from TimeCast

New 1/144 BRDM 2 in 10mm from TimeCast

Our new 1/144 scale (10mm) BRDM-2 and several variants are now available for advance orders on our website. The production moulds are almost ready to go and models will be despatched as soon as the moulds are up and running.

BRDM-2 Reconnaissance Vehicle

BRDM-2 Reconnaissance Vehicle

Sturdy, reliable and simple to operate, the BRDM-2 was the main Soviet recce vehicle,
seen throughout GSFG in the recce and HQ defence roles



A BRDM anti-tank variant. Equipped with AT-5 Spandrel ATGMs this vehicle was found in Soviet Regimental and Divisional Anti-Tank units.



An anti-aircraft variant of  the BRDM-2. Equipped with SA-9 Gaskin
surface to air missiles, this vehicle was found in the Regimental Air Defence Batteries.



A command variant of the BRDM-2, equipped with extra radios.

Prices from
£3.00 GBP GBP – £3.50 GBP GBP