Friday, 20 January 2012

10mm American Civil War Project

10mm American Civil War Project

My 10mm American Civil War project has been on the cards for a couple of years now. However I had to first construct the scenery that I would be using for the American Civil War project and secondly, I had to build a wargames table all of these have now been completed.

Like many other wargamers I'm nearly buried up to my neck in unpainted lead and never seem to be able to complete a project as I am constantly flipping from one project to another.

So I decided to hire a professional painter, to complete my ACW armies.  The service I settled on was Turbil Miniatures  which is run by a husband and wife team and they gave me an estimated turnaround time of 3 months.  They also said they would give me regular progress updates.

So my first job is to clean up the miniature's and then post them to Turbil Miniatures so they can begin painting. As soon as I receive a progress report I will update this post.

American Civil War Confederate Army
American Civil War Union Army

The rules I will be using are Black Powder.

The core of the army will be built using Pendraken Miniature's other manufacturers which I intend using are Old Glory Miniatures and Blaze Away Miniatures.

18 April  2017

I finally got back to painting some ACW figures. I've still got an awful long way to go before I've got two armies with which I can play with.

I finally got back to painting some ACW figures

December 2015

Soon to be released American Civil War supplement for Black Powder

I bought all the back issues of Charge

On 21 Dec i received my figures from Turbil Miniatures.

I received an e-mail from Turbil Miniatures last night to inform me that they had finished the last of my figures.

22 October 2015

Some N gauge buildings I've renovated I'm quite pleased with these

Two ACW ambulances one for the rebs and one for yanks

10 more artillery pieces done for my ACW Project

13 October 2015

63 plus limbers and wagons all painted up

29 September 2015

Some ACW limbers and wagons painted just need highlighting

5 September 2015

Sorting out my ACW limbers lots to do

2 September 2015

Some Confederate artillery figures all finished

8 August 2015

Just highlighting some rebel forces for my ACW project

7 August 2015

Some pendraken ACW artillery all completed

27 July 2015

Some ACW Union Generals which I have highlighted which were painted by Turbil Miniatures

31 May 2015

I received my figures back and i,m very impressed

Turbil Miniatures picture 1

Turbil Miniatures picture 2

Turbil Miniatures picture 3

Turbil Miniatures picture 4

Turbil Miniatures picture 5

Turbil Miniatures picture 6

Turbil Miniatures picture 7

Turbil Miniatures picture 8

Turbil Miniatures picture 9

25 May 2015

I received an e-mail from Turbil Miniatures today to inform me that my Union figures should be with me by the end of the week.  To be honest I feel like a small boy again waiting for Santa to come to say I'm excited is an understatement.

24 April 2015

I received an e-mail from Turbil Miniatures last night to inform me that they had started on my figures.  I must admit I'm a little bit excited about this and can't wait to see the results.

30 March 2015

A couple of cheap del prado static n gauge models for my ACW and WWII wargaming projects

A couple of cheap del prado static n gauge models for my ACW and WWII wargaming projects

14 November 2014

Some gun emplacements all finished the can be used for FIW, AWI and ACW.

Some gun emplacements picture 1

Some gun emplacements picture 2

6 November 2014

Pendraken Starfort all finished complete with British and American flags which Malcolm Taylor very kindly did for me. However as the fort is in British control I can't see it being captured by the American traitors.

PS33 Star fort with outer ditch

April 2013

I recently painted the Stone House which came from TimeCast based on the stone house which served as a temporary hospital at the Battle of First Manassas.

February 2013

This entry for the Pendraken Painting Competition 2013 I completed earlier in the year and consists of five regiments of union cavalry.

Union Cavalry Brigade picture 1

Union Cavalry Brigade picture 2

January 2013

From my last update I have managed to paint a brigades worth of dismounted cavalry and the horses, also all the union limbers and five brigades of infantry as well as artillery and wagons.

Dismounted cavalry stands

union artillery limbers

Union regiments picture 1

Union regiments picture 2

Union regiments picture 3

Union wagons

Union artillery

October 2013

I painted five regiments of union cavalry.

Union Cavalry Brigade picture 1

Union Cavalry Brigade picture 2

February 2012 

I entered Pendraken Painting Competition 2012 with their PS35 American Civil War (ACW) buildings which had painted earlier in the year.

PS35 ACW buildings


I scratch built all of my French Indian War (ACW) snake fencing you can find the complete guide to building these fences here.

ACW snake fencing


My attempt to build a American Civil War (ACW) blockhouse. And to be honest I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. You can see the full construction guide here.

ACW blockhouse