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95th Rifle Division

The 95th Rifle Division (2nd formation) was established on the basis of the 13th Motor Rifle Division NKVD, which by the order of the NKVD № 001 547 from 07.28.1942 was transferred to the Red Army and in accordance with the directive of the General Staff of the Red Army (org / 2/2172 from 02.08.1942) was reformed in the 95th Rifle Division.The 4th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the NKVD became the 90th Rifle Regiment, 266th Rifle Regiment – 161st Rifle Regiment, 274th Rifle Regiment – 241st Rifle Regiment.


Major General Vasili Akimovich Gorishny 2 August 1942 to

Vasili Akimovich Gorishny

90th, Infantry Regiment
161st, Infantry Regiment
241st, Infantry Regiment
57th, Artillery Regiment
97th Anti-Tank Battalion
48th Engineering Battalion
13th Reconnaissance Company

Locations, Bread Factory

95th Rifle Division, Photos
95th Rifle Division, Doc